Hillary Clinton Busted Plagiarizing DNC Speech & Ripping Off Donald Trump

Liberals went into a collective frenzy after Melania Trump’s RNC speech, accusing her of lifting several lines from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. Some were so outraged, they demanded Donald Trump step down from his presidential run. Now, liberals will have another chance to show how steeped they are in hypocrisy after their crooked queen was busted doing a little plagiarizing of her own. […]


Liberals Say Melania’s Speech Plagiarized Michelle’s, There’s Just 1 Problem

Melania Trump stole the spotlight last night at the Republican National Convention (RNC), but liberal haters are out to discredit Melania in any way they can. First, they made fun of her European accent and called her obscenities before finding a passage in her speech that they say is taken word for word from a Michelle Obama speech, but there is just one very big problem with everything these haters are saying. […]

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[VIDEO] Viral Story Claims ‘Prophetic Word’ Given To Trump By Billy Graham

At a recent Donald Trump rally, a story came out, detailing his roots in Christianity. This story is going viral with so many Christians worried about persecutions that the Obama regime has inflicted on Christians in America. The story reveals a little known connection between Reverend Billy Graham and the claim a “prophetic word” was given by him to Trump on his 60th birthday. […]