Liberals Say Melania’s Speech Plagiarized Michelle’s, There’s Just 1 Problem

Melania Trump stole the spotlight last night at the Republican National Convention (RNC), but liberal haters are out to discredit Melania in any way they can. First, they made fun of her European accent and called her obscenities before finding a passage in her speech that they say is taken word for word from a Michelle Obama speech, but there is just one very big problem with everything these haters are saying. […]

Social Issues

Michelle Infuriates Christians With 9 Nasty Words At Commencement Speech

Michelle Obama won’t be gone from her throne soon enough, as one video proves. While speaking at a college graduation, she spewed 9 nasty words that infuriated Christians, making it clear that their rights don’t matter. What matters to her are all the alphabet gay terms – lesbians, transgender, queer – and what they want. If Christians don’t go along with what Queen Michelle says, they will face the consequences. […]