Nancy Slurs Speech, Says Trump Supporters Are To Blame For Anti-Semite Rep. Omar

Nancy Pelosi is in hot water. She showed up at a rally with Dominican-Americans and proceeded to stumble her way through her speech. It was utterly ridiculous. Then, she lied about Trump supporters, claiming Rep. Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic comments aren’t as bad as what is heard at the president’s rallies. Well, that’s when the 78-year-old Speaker of the House got a real reality check. Don’t miss this. […]


Pelosi’s Coup To Become President In 2019 With Mueller’s Help, Trump Destroys Her

Nancy Pelosi has been trying to outmaneuver President Donald Trump. Democrats want Americans to see the House Speaker as “presidential.” She used her power as Speaker to stop the State of the Union, and she refuses to fund the wall. With Robert Mueller’s help, Pelosi could see herself becoming president before 2019 is over. It happened in 1974, and it could happen again. However, Trump made sure her dream was destroyed. […]


Lady Gaga Says Trump & Pence Worst Christians & She’s The Best, Made Regret It

Lady Gaga has decided President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are un-Christian in their actions, but she is not. At a concert, she could be heard blaming Trump for the government shutdown along with slamming the vice president’s LBGTQ stance, saying he is the “worst Christian.” Gaga then declared that she is “a Christian woman,” who knows something about Christianity. Immediately, she was made to regret her words. […]


Trump Storms Out Of Meeting & Says ‘Bye-Bye,’ Nancy & Chuck Screw-Up Big Time

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer joined President Donald Trump along with a slew of Democrats and Republicans in a meeting to discuss the government shutdown yesterday afternoon. And it didn’t last very long, as Trump outmaneuvered the Democratic leaders. Laughing as he left, he looked at Nancy and Chuck and said, “Bye-bye.” Poor Pelosi and Schumer stood there looking like fools after they had screwed up big time. You’ll love this. […]


Rep. Ilhan Omar Mocks Pence’s Christian Faith, Americans Make Her Regret It

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar thought she could troll Vice-President Mike Pence, mocking his devotion to his Christian faith. “Jesus Take the Wheel,” wrote Omar disrespectfully, along with a picture of the vice-president’s eyes closed, praying. That’s when angry Americans made the politician instantly regret laughing at Christianity. Don’t miss this. […]


After ‘Allah Akbar’ Incident In France, Trump Drops The Hammer On Schumer & Pelosi

On Tuesday, a gunman opened fire in a Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg, killing two people and leaving many more injured. Witnesses claim the assailant, who is still on the loose, shouted “Allah Akbar” while committing his heinous crimes. Now, President Donald Trump is dropping the hammer on Democratic leaders like Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who would like to open our southern border to untold amounts of illegal immigrants. […]


Schumer Says “Elections Have Consequences!” — Trumps Silences Him Immediately

A tense discussion on government funding and border security unfolded on Tuesday, as President Donald Trump met with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the hopes of coming to an agreement that would avoid a government shutdown. When Schumer lost his cool, saying, “Elections have consequences!” Trump immediately silenced him with the truth. […]