Pelosi Attacks Trump, Gets Massive Dose Of Karma As Voters See What’s In Front Of Her Home
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Pelosi Attacks Trump, Gets Massive Dose Of Karma As Voters See What’s On Her Property

Nancy Pelosi is certainly keeping up appearances as the leader of the opposing force against President Donald Trump. In fact, she proved that just recently by attacking the president, despite him making huge, positive strides for our country. However, Pelosi would get a massive dose of karma as voters spotted the “odd” thing on her property in California. […]

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After Pelosi Says ‘Trump Equals Armageddon,’ Sarah Slaps Her Hard With ‘Brutal Surprise’

Nancy Pelosi has been a thorn in President Donald Trump’s side from day one, and she really made a fool of herself over the recent tax cuts. Shouting like a crazed doomsday psychic, Pelosi told her leftist supporters that “Trump’s tax plan will bring Armageddon, he is Armageddon.” Well, Sarah Huckabee Sanders never forgot Pelosi’s words, and she just slapped her hard with a “brutal surprise.” You’ll love this. […]

Top Democrat Snaps Anti-Trump Selfie, Viewers Shocked To See What He’s Holding In Hand
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Top Democrat Snaps Anti-Trump Selfie, Viewers Shocked To See What He’s Holding In His Hand

As the left continues to get more and more desperate, the supporters of the “progressive” liberal movement are now abandoning the Democrat lawmakers in droves. Too bad for liberals everywhere, their agenda just took another hit after a top Democrat decided to snap an anti-Trump selfie – and viewers were left shocked to see what he was holding. […]

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Queen Furious As Markle & Victoria Beckham Use New ‘Royal Title’ In Money-Making Scheme

Queen Elizabeth II is rumored to be furious after learning from palace insiders of a money-making scheme that Meghan Markle and her new best gal pal in Britain, Victoria Beckham, have hatched. Those closest to the Queen have learned that, after Markle is wed and has her official royal title of “Duchess of Sussex,” the two busy bees are plotting to “cash-in” on the royal name. The Queen no doubt gave Harry an earful as palace insiders were left shaking their heads. […]


After Charlie Daniels Sees Schumer Bashing Trump, He Makes Chucky ‘Cry & Wet His Pants’

Charlie Daniels is not someone you want to make mad, but the beloved American icon just set his sights on that fool, Senator Chuck Schumer, who has been on a rampage, bashing President Donald Trump and his tax cuts plan that is sending much-needed relief to millions of Americans. Daniels got so fed-up with Chucky, he just made him cry and wet his pants. You don’t want to miss this. […]

As Liberals Bash Tax Cut, American Companies Tell Them To ‘Shove It’ With Nasty Surprise
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As Liberals Bash Trump’s Tax Cut, U.S. Companies Slap Them With BIG ‘Christmas Surprise’

Since the moment the tax bill passed, liberals have done everything they can to try to paint President Donald Trump as a bad guy for putting money back into the pockets of Americans. Unfortunately for those saying that he was living in a “fantasy land,” a few massive American companies just proved them wrong by gifting Trump and the American people with quite the Christmas surprise. […]