Ted Nugent Has SHOCKING Plan To Screw Trump Haters & You’re Gonna LOVE It

Ted Nugent is one of President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters, and he did all he could to help Trump win the state of Michigan. Nugent doesn’t mince words, and he is pissed off right now. Seeing what these Trump haters and traitors are doing in Washington, D.C., as they try to discredit our president, Nugent just announced his shocking plan to screw them, and you’re going to love it. […]


Democrats In PANIC MODE After Nancy Pelosi Suffers ‘SEIZURE’ On Live TV

Nancy Pelosi’s press conference this week was chock-full of troubling moments, but perhaps none so worrisome as that which is depicted in a shocking video clip of the House Minority Leader having some type of brain lapse or seizure of sorts. Now, Democrats are in panic mode regarding what happened to one of their party’s most notorious leaders on live television. […]

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Pelosi Plants Muslim ‘Victim’ To Question Her, Doesn’t Go According To Plan

Nancy Pelosi’s staged questions at a town hall event on Tuesday evening didn’t go according to plan. After planting a Muslim “victim” in the audience to attack President Donald Trump’s recent executive action banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, the plan backfired massively, and Pelosi was left awkwardly trying to pick up the pieces. […]


CRAZY: With Obamacare Gone, Obama & Democrats Threaten Grandma AGAIN

The Obama administration threatened Americans with a commercial of granny being pushed over the cliff if Obamacare wasn’t passed, and now that Obamacare is being repealed by the Trump administration, they’re doing it again. Instead, this time, grandma won’t go over the cliff, she won’t even die according to them. Instead, they let the truth slip out, and this is going to piss you off. […]