Clooneys Trash Trump As ‘Murderer’ & Say They Aren’t ‘Hollywood Elites,’ Regret It

The Clooneys are bashing President Donald Trump with Amal claiming he gives autocratic regimes the “green light” to torture and murder journalists by labeling them the “enemy of the people.” They have been vicious critics of the 45th president with George saying he and his wife aren’t part of the “Hollywood elite.” He also said Trump will be remembered for “jokes, insults, and reality show frenzy.” Well, the Clooneys got a nasty surprise and are regretting their remarks. […]


Reporter Starts Nasty Rumor After Nikki’s Resignation, Humiliated Moments Later

In an Oval Office announcement on Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump revealed that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley will be leaving her post at the end of 2018. Shortly thereafter, a liberal reporter began circulating a nasty rumor about the ambassador. However, it wasn’t long before the reporter was utterly humiliated. Isn’t it incredible what passes for “journalism” these days? […]


Whoopi Freaks, Cuts Show Off As Omarosa’s ‘New Trump Tape’ Proves Hillary’s Guilty

Omarosa Manigault Newman appeared on The View today, promising to play a “new White House secret tape” that no one else had ever heard. But, Omarosa is an idiot. She hyped the tape of President Donald Trump, saying, “It will show him rambling, incoherent.” Whoopi was salivating, so excited as the tape started, but then, it went all wrong. The tape clearly incriminates Hillary Clinton, causing Goldberg to freak out and cut off the show. You’ll love this. […]