Police Say ‘Enough’ To Beyoncé’s Anti-Cop Shenanigans, Just Slapped Her Hard

After Beyoncé’s anti-cop shenanigans with her new song “Formation” and her Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, which was basically a tribute to the Black Panthers, police have had enough. Now, the Tampa Police Department has sent her a message, and it was a bold slap to the face of the race-baiting, cop-hating celebrity. However, it’s safe to say, many Americans are going to love it. […]

Cops & Criminals

Arrested Professor’s Lies Come Out, Town Shows What They Think About Cops

Princeton Black Studies Professor Imani Perry’s arrest for an outstanding warrant became headline news when she claimed the cops mistreated her due to her “blackness.” After several days of Perry’s rants on social media, demonizing the Princeton Police officers’ handling of her arrest, the Princeton Police Department released the dash cam video of the incident, and the town showed where their loyalties lie with their reaction. […]

Cops & Criminals

Arrested Black Studies Professor Claims Racism…Cops Drop TRUTH BOMB

Imani Perry, who is the Princeton University Professor of African-American Studies, has accused the police of racial discrimination following her arrest. Perry posted a Facebook rant, claiming her “blackness” contributed to her treatment, which she says was abusive, but she just got a truth bomb dropped on her, after the video of the incident was released. […]