Cops & Criminals

Black Students Claim To Be Victims Of Racist Assault, But Now The Video’s Out

Three female college students were quick to call 911, claiming they were the victims of assault by an angry group of white people, who attacked them on a bus for “being black.” The incident sparked tensions, and protests were quick to erupt. Now, video of the incident has been released and justice is coming, but it’s the “victims” who are finding themselves in hot water. […]


Another Group Is Offering To Protect Beyoncé After Police Refused…This Is Bad

After Beyoncé’s racist and anti-cop performance during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, police across the country have given the singer the finger by saying they won’t offer her any protection at her concerts. Now, a new source of protection has been offered, and it confirms everything we suspected about the message that Beyoncé was trying to send to all Americans. […]

Social Issues

BEWARE: Your Beauty Regimen Might Be Racist & It Could Get You Reprimanded

With our first black president, we have succeeded in entering the most hypersensitive and racial divisive time in recent American history. Setting us back decades in our race relations, anything and everything you say or do could be deemed racist, including your beauty regimen, and it might land you in hot water, as two college students recently found out. […]