Rob Reiner Responds To Trump’s SOTU Address, Exposes Why The Left Is Losing

By even the most modest measurements, President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address was a grand slam. Liberal polling shows it was a hit. People across the Internet are cheering Trump’s speech. Perhaps a better indicator of its success is how the left panicked afterward. Rabid liberals are fuming over Trump’s powerful, direct message to the American public. Former director and actor Rob Reiner appeared on MSNBC to give his reaction. His words show how out of touch and desperate liberals have become. […]

Smug Anti-Trump Celebrities Gather For Inauguration Anniversary, Forget 1 Obvious Detail

Trump-Hating Celebrities Gather For Inauguration Anniversary, Embarrassed By 1 Detail

The one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration is upon us. Last year, the liberals were preparing for the ridiculous “women’s march” that occurred on the same day, where women in pussy hats banded together to spread their hate for Trump. The hate-fest included several elitist celebrities, and they are at it again with plans for another rally. Several Trump-hating celebrities have planned to make an appearance, but they are soon to find themselves embarrassed by one obvious detail. […]