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Rep. Raskin Admits Dems Found No Crimes To Impeach Trump, Attorneys Freak Out

During Tuesday’s impeachment hearing, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) screwed up and admitted the Democrats’ “process” of impeachment found no crimes to charge President Donald Trump with. In fact, it looks like Raskin was “off-script” as the Democrats’ attorney, Barry Berke, and his associate looked stunned as Raskin proved why Americans know this impeachment is a total farce. But that’s not all he screwed up. You don’t want to miss this. […]

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Democrat Rules Chairman: Americans Didn’t Elect Trump In 2016, Gets Reality Check

The Democrats are holding another impeachment hearing today. Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) chairs the House Rules Committee, and he right off the bat alleged that Americans didn’t elect Donald Trump in 2016: “I will never—and I mean I will never—be okay if other nations decide our leaders for us. The president of the United States is rolling out the welcome mat for that kind of foreign interference [in 2020].” Well, that’s when McGovern got a big reality check he never saw coming. You’ll love this. […]

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Patton Oswalt: Voters Who Still Support Trump Are Stupid A**holes, Regrets It

Hollywood actor Patton Oswalt, who is known as a rabid Trump-hater, is livid over the impeachment train losing steam, as the majority of Americans reject it. “The President is a stupid asshole and if you voted for him you’re a stupid asshole, and if you still support him you’re a stupid asshole,” Oswalt said. Well, immediately Americans made him regret it. You’ll love this. […]

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Schiff Refuses To Show Up At Impeachment Hearing – It Goes All Wrong

“Where’s Adam Schiff?” That’s the big question at today’s impeachment hearing after the Chairman of the House Intel Committee failed to show up. Today’s bogus hearing is all about Schiff’s report, yet he is refusing to show up and answer questions about it. Well, poor Schiff and the Democrats just got utterly destroyed as this morning hearing went all wrong. You’ll love this. […]

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Nadler’s Impeachment Counsel Norm Eisen Linked to Soros, Gets Reality Check

Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is in hot water after it was discovered his lead counsel asking questions during today’s impeachment inquiry hearing is linked to George Soros. In fact, Attorney Norm Eisen has a long history of dubious connections and Trump-hating behavior. Well, poor Eisen got a big reality check you don’t want to miss. […]

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IG Horowitz Criminally Charging FBI Official Who Worked For Mueller, Gets Outed

Yesterday, the Washington Post shocked many Democrats by stating the Inspector General’s report, which is expected on December 9, will name an FBI “line attorney” who is being criminally charged for altering the FISA documents. This news rattled those in the mainstream media, who are still claiming the president colluded with the Russians. Well, it’s much worse than that. Now, we know the name of this FBI official, who also worked for Robert Mueller. Don’t miss this. […]


De Niro: Trump Causes Mass Shootings & Will Ruin America, Gets Rude Awakening

Robert De Niro is out trying to promote his latest mafia movie called “The Irishman.” In his GQ interview, De Niro made wild accusations. “Those [gunmen of mass shootings] are crazy people, but they’re inspired by Trump and what he’s allowed,” said De Niro. He went on to also predict the president will ruin the United States for good. Well, that’s when poor Bobby got a rude awakening. You’ll love this. […]

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Obama Busted: Fearful Clapper Confesses On Live TV Barack ‘Told Us To Do’ It

Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is so fearful after learning about yesterday’s bombshell breaking report on AG Bill Barr’s ongoing investigation into the genesis of the Trump-Russia collusion scandal. When faced with the updated information, a freaked out Clapper confessed on live TV Obama “told us to do” it. You’ll love this. […]

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Hillary: I Need ‘Rematch’ with Trump, ‘I Can Beat Him Again’ — Gets Reality Check

Hillary Clinton wants a rematch with President Donald Trump. The failed presidential candidate appeared on PBS yesterday where she made this direct threat at Trump: “There does need to be a rematch. I mean, obviously, I can beat him again.” Hillary went on about how she was robbed and is ready to give it another try. However, she got a huge reality check as Americans utterly destroyed her calls for a rematch. You’ll love this. […]