WATCH: MSNBC Turns On Maxine Waters, Mercilessly Mocks Her On Live TV

The leftist media has begun turning on Maxine Waters who once again called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment during a recent appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, even though he has done nothing even remotely worthy of being removed from office. This time, the hosts could no longer contain their amusement as they proceeded to mock the Congresswoman mercilessly for the absurd allegations that she just won’t drop. […]

Ted Cruz Announces His Badass Intentions For Muslim Group

Senator Ted Cruz Announces Serious Consequences For Muslim Group

It’s been a while since Ted Cruz made big headlines but his recent announcement about his intentions to renew his fight against the enablers of Muslim terrorism is gaining a lot of attention. If he manages to change the rules of the game, like it’s never happened before, it will be a huge hit to Muslim politics and undoubtedly help to weaken Islam’s standing in America. […]