Cindy McCain: Trump‘s GOP Isn’t ‘Party Of Lincoln & Reagan,’ Gets Smackdown

Cindy McCain is once again trashing President Donald Trump. The wife of the late Senator John McCain gave an interview this week where she claimed that the Republican Party under Trump has strayed from their values. “This party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln – that I’ve seen anyway – nor the party of Ronald Reagan,” she said. Well, poor Cindy didn’t know what hit her as Americans gave her a proper smackdown. Don’t miss it. […]


Rush Blasts Kamala’s ‘Medicare For All,’ Reminds Americans Of Obama’s Death Panels

Rush Limbaugh was on fire as he reminded Americans about Barack Obama’s original plan of a single-payer health care system, also known as “Medicare for all.” Now, Kamala Harris is promising such a plan along with every other Democrat who will run for the presidency. “Obama admitted on live TV this free healthcare comes with death panels,” said Limbaugh. He went on to prove how these death panels operate. Don’t miss this. […]


Sarah Palin Hammers Joy Behar As She Whines About Kid Rock Calling Her A B*tch

Sarah Palin was on fire, sending Joy Behar a bold message after Kid Rock called out The View co-host on Fox & Friends last Friday. Kid Rock was speaking about how everyone should “get a little less politically correct” and just “calm down,” but when it came to the 72-year-old former comedian, he said, “Except I’d say screw that Joy Behar b*tch.” Well, Palin just hammered Joy’s whiny behavior, and you’ll love it. […]


Meghan Returns To The View & Trashes Trump Hard, 2008 Video Makes Her Regret It

Meghan McCain returned to The View this week, and her hatred for President Donald Trump is now completely off the charts. Meghan tearfully thanked her leftist co-hosts, crying, “My dad loved you so much Whoopi!” Meghan now sees herself as the “voice of true conservatism,” and Trump supporters are just lowlifes as far as she is concerned. Well, an old 2008 video resurfaced of The View, and boy does it make Meghan regret she ever opened her big mouth. […]


Joy Defends Meghan McCain’s Trump-Bashing On Live TV, Immediately Regrets It

Joy Behar and the shrews of “The View” started their 22nd season today. Behar made sure she got as much limelight as possible by stopping be ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning, and she made it clear: She loved Meghan McCain bashing President Donald Trump at her father’s funeral. Well, poor Joy Behar immediately regretted praising Meghan. You’ll love this. […]


McCain Funeral Shocker: Senator Insisted This Infamous Swamp Rat Got Front Row Seat

Americans are having to endure an endless five-day tribute to Senator John McCain, and now we can report another “final request” the Arizona Senator made just before he died. McCain dictated every detail of his numerous memorials, including making sure an infamous swamp rat got a front-row seat after he excluded President Donald Trump and his VP running mate Sarah Palin. This will blow your mind. […]


McCain’s VP Running Mate Sarah Palin Gets His ‘Final Request’ From The Grave

While Americans are watching a five-day long tribute to Senator John McCain, there’s one close associate who has been left flabbergasted over his final request for her. Sarah Palin, who was the Arizona Senator’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election, was informed of his final wishes for her, and it’s completely mean-spirited. Don’t miss this. […]