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Liberals Explode As Poland’s First Lady ‘Rejects’ Trump, Conveniently Leave Out 1 Detail

President Donald Trump arrived in Poland on Wednesday night ahead of the G20 Summit in Germany, which begins on Friday, but he wasn’t even in the country 24 hours before controversy began brewing. Liberals are currently exploding over a video of Poland’s first lady allegedly “rejecting” a handshake from Trump, but as per the usual, they have conveniently left out one detail that changes everything. […]

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Liberal Reporter Calls Sarah Palin An ‘A**hole,’ Overlooked 1 Key Detail

A senior reporter for BuzzFeed publicly trashed former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin this week as she visited President Donald Trump at the White House. Mike Hayes, who fancies himself a journalist, said Palin was “dressed like an a**hole” for the occasion. However, he overlooked one key detail before making his offensive statement. […]


Liberals Freak Out After Learning What Trump Put Under Hillary’s Portrait

Portraits of former presidents and their wives hang throughout the White House, and one prominent picture is that of Donald Trump’s 2016 challenger, Hillary Clinton. While Trump can’t take down old crooked Hillary’s portrait, he can display whatever he wants near it, and when liberals saw what was found right below their failed candidate’s picture, they were totally freaking out, breaking the internet. You’re going to love this. […]

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Master At Work: Trump Lets RINO Paul Ryan Tie His Own Noose With Epic Fail

Paul Ryan may soon overtake John McCain as America’s most despised RINO with the introduction of his Obamacare replacement plan. Until just recently, President Donald Trump was playing it cool with shifty Ryan, but now the master strategist is letting nature take its course as Ryan ties his own political noose with an epic fail that is sure to start the countdown on Ryan’s Speakership. […]

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Teacher BASHES Sarah Palin In Class, Sees Who’s Listening & Makes It WORSE

What happened at a high school in Alaska, where one teacher went on a blasphemous rant against Sarah Palin, is the latest example of an educator overstepping boundaries with devastating consequences. As he aired his personal opinions on the evils of Palin’s politics, the liberal teacher realized exactly who was listening in his class — and it only got worse from there. […]


Rihanna Calls Trump ‘Immoral Pig,’ Hours Later EPIC KARMA Shuts Her Up

President Donald Trump truly has a knack for driving leftist elites out of their tiny, liberal minds. Indeed, his executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries for the next 90 days has made progressive heads explode like never before. No one seems to be so unduly outraged as the celebrity class, though, who have come out of the woodwork to denounce Trump in their various ways. […]

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Left Pushes Ridiculous FAKE STORY About Sarah Palin & Black Santa

Ever since Donald Trump’s Election Day win, butt-hurt liberals everywhere have been pushing the ridiculous notion of “fake news,” blaming false stories on why Hillary Clinton lost the election. While the left continues to slander legitimate conservative sites as “fake” as a way to get revenge, they just got busted for pushing a ridiculous fake story about Sarah Palin and a black Santa Clause. Now, these morons are having to eat crow, and their embarrassment is nothing short of hilarious. […]

Brilliant Move By Trump Leaves Hillary Sitting In A Heap Of Humiliation
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Trump Boasts About Brilliant Purchase, Leaves Hillary Humiliated

A large portion of Donald Trump’s public appeal is that he’s a successful businessman who understands what needs to be done to get America back on track. Along with his fiscal prowess comes an impressive ability for being able to outsmart his competition. Boasting about his recent, brilliant purchase, made to solidify his race for the White House, Trump just left Hillary sitting in a heap of humiliation. […]


Jenner To Be On Sports Illustrated Cover, But There’s Two Problems With ‘Outfit’

Caitlyn Jenner, formally known as Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, will pose for the iconic Sports Illustrated magazine. However, it isn’t her sports prowess that earned her the highly coveted modeling gig, and the 66-year-old is all too proud of what she’ll be donning for the cover of the magazine. There’s just two huge problems with her outfit. […]