EXPOSED: Michelle SCREWED Taxpayers, Illegally Giving Our Cash To Daughters

Michelle Obama has some explaining to do. She may be leaving the White House, but that won’t make the fact that she bilked American taxpayers for millions of dollars go away. Newly uncovered classified documents show exactly how Queen Michelle funneled money to her daughters and mother, and you’ll be pissed off to learn how she intends to get off scot-free. […]

Cruz Hits Back At 'Lapdog' Media With Cartoons Of His Own

Media Depicted Ted Cruz’s Kids As Monkeys, His Retaliation Is AWESOME

On Tuesday, the Washington Post published a political cartoon that depicted Ted Cruz’s two daughters as monkeys, causing a justifiable outrage which led to the cartoon being removed, but Cruz still wasn’t happy. In retaliation, he released a cartoon of his own, and aside from being hilarious, it’s a sad reminder of how the media really is in our country. […]