Social Issues

1 Year After ‘Inclusive’ Decision To Allow Girls, The Boy Scouts Are Finished

The Boy Scouts of America was once one of the greatest and well-respected organizations in the country. But thanks to a slew of progressive policies instated systematically over the past several years, the group now appears to be on its last leg. Just over one year ago, they began accepting girls into their ranks. Now, they’re finished. […]

Political Opinion

Democrat Women Go NUDE In Campaign Against GOP, Patriots Make Them Regret It

Far left women want Americans to vote for the Democrats. They started a nationwide campaign called “Grab Them By The Ballot.” These women are now all over social media posting their nude pictures along with the reasons they want you to vote for Democrats. Well, patriots across the country just made them regret they ever did this. Don’t miss this. […]


Tim Allen Waits 1 Year After ABC Cancels Show, Strikes Back With Perfect Revenge

It has now been one year since ABC made the shocking decision to cancel actor and comedian Tim Allen’s hit show, “Last Man Standing,” despite the sitcom’s impressive ratings. Allen has been laying low since then, but he just struck back at ABC’s liberal network execs with what is quite possibly the best revenge ever… You’re going to love this! […]


Caitlyn Pumped To Join Marvel Movies As ‘Bad-A** B*tch’ With Transgender Superpower

Caitlyn Jenner is hoping to join the mega-hit “Marvel Avenger” movies, and she says that she wants to play the “bad-a** b*tch.” Jenner is using Hollywood’s leftist-leaning politics to try to bring a unique character to the blockbuster Marvel movies, which are heavily marketed to our kids. But, the scary thing is her character’s superpower. Don’t miss this. […]