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Tucker DESTROYS Gay Trump Protester, Exposes 1 BIG Lie About Obama & Soros

Tucker Carlson welcomed a gay activist to his show who professed to organize protests against President Donald Trump. Carlson was hoping that the gay activist could enlighten him about why this man was so ardently against Trump, but instead, his straightforward questions were met with a very unstable man who got caught exposing the one big lie about Barack Obama and George Soros that they don’t want you to know. […]

Political Opinion

Gay Journalist Voted For Hillary, Tucker Can’t Believe What He Admits Next

Chadwick Moore, a gay journalist who contributes to New York Post and OUT Magazine, sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday night to discuss an article he penned over the weekend. Moore admitted that he cast his vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, which isn’t surprising, but Carlson was astonished by what Moore said next. […]

Political Opinion

Tucker Makes Example Out Of Liberal Reporter, Leaves Him CRYING For Mercy

After the recent presidential election, the American people rightfully began to greatly distrust the networks bringing them their news. The Washington Post recently had a reporter appear on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program, where the host proceeded to make an example out of him. However, he was left crying for mercy by the time Carlson was finished. […]

Political Opinion

Liberal Says Conservatives Are Violent, So Tucker Plays DAMNING Clip Of Her

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is gifted at making misguided liberals look utterly incompetent, and that’s why we love him. As the new anchor of Megyn Kelly’s former primetime slot, he’s been systematically dismantling leftist talking points night after night. So, when an anti-free speech activist came on his show and accused conservatives of being violent fascists, he was prepared with damning video footage to put things into perspective. […]

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Megyn Kelly Gets TRUMPED, Replaced With True Conservative As Fox Fans Cheer

When Megyn Kelly announced her move to NBC, the great debate about who should fill her coveted 9 pm time slot on Fox News began. Now, Fox News has announced who will replace Megyn, whose look changed dramatically as she morphed into a liberal FemiNazi after taking on Donald Trump. Conservatives are going wild as Megyn feels “trumped” again, and you’re going to love it as we expose her failed plan. […]