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Woman Escapes Trunk In Walmart Parking Lot, Who Put Her There Is SHOCKING

Multnomah County in Oregon saw an interesting crime spree play out when a woman escaped the trunk of a car, which she had been stuffed into. The kidnapping crossed state lines, beginning in Kennewick, Washington and ending when the woman broke herself out of the trunk when the vehicle stopped at Walmart. But what’s more shocking than being stuffed in and escaping a trunk kidnapping, is who put her in there in the first place. […]

This Is What Female Principal Wore To Party That Could Get Her Fired
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This Is What A Female Principal Wore To A Party That Could Get Her Fired

The statement that one middle school principal and her husband made, with what they wore to an off campus party over the weekend, could cost the educator her career if the whiners get their way. Now, it’s up to the school board to decide what repercussions she’ll face after an offended parent complained about the couple’s “insensitive” costumes. […]