Mom Spots Criminal Son's Face On TV, Cops Stunned When She Utters Four Unusual Words
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Mom Spots Criminal Son’s Face On TV, Then She Utters Four Unusual Words

A mother from Florida was watching television when she suddenly saw her son’s face on the screen. In disbelief, she learned that her son was wanted for a crime involving a senior citizen, and police officers were seeking the help of the public for answers. However, when she called the police, even they were left stunned as she uttered four unexpected words. […]

Mom Leaves Walmart, Slams Breaks After Seeing Person In Nearby Car Utter 6 Chilling Words
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Mom Leaves Walmart, Person In Nearby Car Mouths 6 Horrifying Words & She Slams The Brakes

In Reynoldsburg, Ohio, a mother was having an ordinary day before she ran to her local Walmart to buy a few groceries. However, once she was finished and began to leave the parking lot, she noticed a person standing next to a nearby car mouthing something to her. Unfortunately, she was forced to slam on the brakes when she understood the six chilling words they were saying. […]