Social Issues

ISIS Is Suffering Embarrassing Defeat Thanks To Masking Tape, Water Bottles, & Batteries

The terrorist network known as ISIS continues to attack people around the world. Despite their claims, they are rapidly losing ground in Syria and Iraq, and their major headquarters are being liberated as we speak. However, when the day comes where ISIS is finally defeated, their loss won’t just be attributed to advanced weaponry and tactics. As it turns out, this terrorist network is getting beat by some surprisingly simple methods. […]

Cops & Criminals

NJ Thug Arrested After Hit & Run, Paramedics Horrified To See What He Left In The Street

A shocking story has emerged out of Pennsylvania, where a thieving New Jersey thug fled the scene of an accident he caused after running a red light in an attempt to get away with merchandise that he stole from Walmart. One victim of the crash saw the man briefly look at the ground before taking off on foot, and when paramedics arrived, they were horrified to see what he left in the street. […]


Patriots ‘Lock & Load’ After Women’s March Idiots Reveal ‘Violent’ Plot To Take Your Guns

As expected, the leftist nut jobs are plotting a “confiscate all guns campaign” as if on cue after the Charlotteville tragedy. For months, the left has been foaming at the mouth to overthrow President Donald Trump, and now, they are whipping their useful idiot supporters into a frenzy to take your guns. While this is nothing new for the left, it’s how they are planning to take them that will blow you away. You don’t want to miss this. […]

Cops & Criminals

Cops Sick To Learn What Parents Forced Into Baby Girl’s Body Mere Hours After Her Birth

After having a few boys, a two expecting parents were excited to finally give birth to a baby girl in Elk Ridge, Utah. However, months after her arrival, cops were left horrified to learn what the parents decided to force inside the innocent child’s body just hours after her birth, and now, they’re behind bars where these sick people belong. […]