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Joy Rips Sarah As ‘Shameless Liar’ Over Red Hen Ordeal, Sanders Gives Nasty Surprise

Joy Behar and the shrews on “The View” were in rare form as they weighed in on Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ ordeal where she was booted out of the Red Hen restaurant. In fact, Behar called the press secretary “a shameless liar,” sarcastically adding, “Look who she works for.” Well, Sarah Sanders gave Joy and her cohorts on the ABC talk show a nasty surprise. Don’t miss this. […]


Joy & Whoopi Scream ‘Let The Murders Begin,’ Rush Limbaugh Gives Them Brutal Surprise

Joy Behar and Whoopi Golberg are out of control with hatred toward conservative Americans. Behar and Goldberg were calling for violence as they lied about President Donald Trump and the so-called border crisis. Making matters worse, they are signaling nutjobs to attack Trump supporters. Behar screamed, “Let the murders begin,” a reference to Nazi Germany. Well, Rush Limbaugh had heard enough and shocked them with a brutal surprise. […]

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Joy Says ‘Trump’s Jealous Of Obama, That’s Why No Iran Deal,’ Viewers Give Smackdown

Joy Behar is so triggered by the many wins our president has accomplished recently that she had an on-air meltdown. Joy-less is completely ignorant of foreign policy and said President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuke Deal, along with refusing to stay in the Paris Climate Accords, because “he’s just jealous of [Barack] Obama.” Well, big mouth Behar was shocked as the audience delivered a proper smackdown. […]

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Trump’s Approval SOARS After Stormy Daniels Is CAUGHT Offering To Do SICK Thing

CBS was hoping to damage President Donald Trump with their Stormy Daniels interview, but it was such a bust that even a hardcore leftist like Whoopi Goldberg was disappointed. The porn star is out for a big payday, trying to cash in on her alleged one night stand with the president, which she claims happened 12 years ago. Well, Trump’s approval ratings are soaring after a desperate Daniels was caught offering to do one sick thing that backfired on her big time. […]

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Joy’s Stupid ‘Apology To Religions’ Was SO BAD Fed-Up Viewers Gave Her Nasty Surprise

After Joy Behar mocked Christians and Vice President Mike Pence as “mentally ill” a month ago, the fall out hit ABC/Disney, which owns “The View.” They were getting pounded by a boycott of its advertisers by Christian groups across the country. Loudmouth Behar didn’t care. She remained stubborn until her job got threatened. But, today, Joy-less gave the most pathetic apology on live TV. Fed-up viewers were so pissed off, they gave her a nasty surprise. […]

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Schiff’s LIES Against Trump So Pathetic, Even Whoopi CALLS ‘BS’ & Throws Him Off The View

Rep. Adam Schiff is keeping hope alive for the leftwing nutjobs who still think Special Counsel Robert Mueller has damning evidence that will lead to President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Appearing on The View, Schiff was surrounded by Trump-haters who were so excited to hear the California Congressman’s shocking, hardcore evidence against the president. So, “Shifty” Schiff told the leftist co-hosts his “evidence,” but that’s when even Whoopi called “BS” and threw him off the show. Don’t miss this. […]

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After Saying ‘Trump Wouldn’t Run Into School To Save Kids,’ Joy Gets Taken DOWN HARD

The shrews of The View bashing President Donald Trump is nothing new, but this time, big mouth Joy Behar went way off the script, comparing the president to the cowardly deputy who refused to take action during the Parkland shooting. Joy-less was upset that Trump called Deputy Scot Peterson “a coward,” as she added sarcastically, “Do you think Trump would have gone into that building?” As Joy continued to pump lies about gun ownership, she got taken down — hard. […]