Taylor Swift Attends AMA Awards As New Democratic Darling & Boy Does She Regret It

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Taylor Swift made a huge mistake just ahead of Tuesday night’s American Music Awards (AMAs). Swift broke her long-standing political silence this past week, posting a long rant on Instagram taking direct aim at popular GOP Senator Marcia Blackburn of Tennesee. Swift said the Trump-supporting Blackburn appalled and terrified her. Well, last night at the AMAs, Taylor Swift found out embracing the loser leftists was the wrong move, and boy does she regret it now.

Taylor Swift at the 2018 American Music Awards (Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty)

Taylor Swift showed up at the AMAs looking like a huge Disco ball. As she lapped up the approval of the leftist Hollywood crowd at the award show, she had driven away people in middle America, which is most of her fan base.

Last night at the AMAs, Swift had this to say, not knowing her political stunt on Instagram had backfired: “This award and every single award given out tonight were voted on by the people, and you know what else is voted on by the people?” Swift said while accepting the “Artist of the Year” award. “It is the midterm elections on November 6. Get out and vote. I love you guys.”

Piers Morgan wrote via the Daily Mail, “Taylor Swift, who is hugely popular in middle America, hasn’t chosen this moment to abandon her very sensible apolitical stance and come out as a Democrat because she genuinely thought: ‘Oh, I must alienate half my audience today.’ No, she’s done it because the howling Twitter mob hammered her into submission.”

There is no doubt Swift only hurt herself as she jumped into the cesspool of American politics. But the pop superstar didn’t fully understand that she also just gave Senator Marcia Blackburn a huge gift when she endorsed Blackburn’s challenger Democrat Phil Bredesen.

Breitbart reports, “Pop superstar Taylor Swift formally endorsed Democratic candidate Phil Bredesen over Republican candidate Marsha Blackburn in the upcoming midterm Senate election in her home state of Tennessee, describing herself as ‘appalled’ and ‘terrified’ by Blackburn’s policies.”

When Swift endorsed Phil Bredesen, he was down by 8 points in the polls. Then he got the “Shake It Off” singer’s ringing approval via her viral Instagram post, and within one day Blackburn is up by 18 points, according to the New York Times. That’s a big turnaround for Blackburn — thanks to the new darling of the Democratic party. 

Taylor Swift’s endorsement invigorated Tennesseans to buck her newfound leftist views and throw all their support to Blackburn. In fact, Marcia Blackburn should give Swift a big shout out as she cruises to a major win on November 6th. Simply put, Swift pissed off the entire red state of Tennesee, and now they are all in for Blackburn, who is backed by President Donald Trump. 

Wow, if I was Phil Breseden I would tell Taylor Swift, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Piers Morgan agrees, adding, “Her Instagram post last night attacking Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn read like a Democrat press release, and absolutely nothing like Taylor Swift’s own voice as anyone who studies her previous posts could confirm. I groaned out loud when I read it.”

“There was something laudable and valiant about a major star declining to join the rush to join the self-styled ‘rage resistance’. Now, she’s all in. She even ‘liked’ a Tumblr meme of herself onstage, kickboxing a shadowy male figure with the word ‘REPUBLICANS’ written across his jacket,” reports Piers Morgan.

Celebrities overplay their hand when they wade into politics. We don’t pay them to spew their personal political beliefs. We’d like them to shut up and sing or act. You know, just entertain us. Why is that so hard to understand?

If the Hollywood crowd could affect an election, Hillary Clinton would have won. Instead, these celebrity endorsements have a boom-a-rang effect and Americans get upset, boycott the celebrity’s work, and vote against whomever or whatever they have endorsed.

Taylor Swift is just some 28-year-old who can sing. She has zero wisdom and has now exposed herself as a puppet of the left. Just another Hollywood resistance member biting the dust, as Trump supporters add her name to their celebrity boycott list.

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