Teacher BASHES Sarah Palin In Class, Sees Who’s Listening & Makes It WORSE

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Conservative politician Sarah Palin poses with her daughter Piper at a school function. (Source: Patheos)

What happened at a high school in Alaska, where one teacher went on a blasphemous rant against Sarah Palin, is the latest example of an educator overstepping boundaries with devastating consequences. As he aired his personal opinions on the evils of Palin’s politics, the liberal teacher realized exactly who was listening in his class — and it only got worse from there.

Bristol Palin, the oldest daughter of the former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate, recently revealed the disturbing incident that took place at her little sister’s high school via her personal blog.

Recently, my 10th grade sister actually just had something awkward happen to her at school. A liberal teacher, someone who has always hated my mom, went on a rant about President Donald Trump. This alone should be disturbing, but you can see it happens all over the nation to unsuspecting kids all the time. Of course, this teacher’s political rant turned into an anti-Sarah Palin rant. (Because why wouldn’t it?)

Then, the teacher told the kids in his class that they should tell Piper what he said and how they feel about my mom’s politics!

I couldn’t believe it.

A few days later, after the teacher was sent to the principal’s office – literally – and interviewed by the principal, the teacher apologized to my dad.

But what about the damage done to the kids in that class? What about the fact that teachers across America feel perfectly fine teaching kids THEIR version of American politics…  what happens when people are spewing their political beliefs and the politician’s kid ISN’T in the class? [Source: Patheos]

Piper Palin with her brother Trig. (Source: Bristol Palin/Conservatives4Palin)

Fortunately, this teacher was dealt with, and according to Sarah Palin herself, Piper has developed quite a thick skin after dealing repeatedly with this sort of incident over the years. “Piper’s endurance of incidents like this is admirable,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “The problem is when a teacher seeks to hurt a child who may not be as resilient as Piper has had to learn to be, that teacher will have scarred another child while never being held accountable.”

She added, “Funniest thing after this incident with the local Drama teacher was Piper’s comment, ‘And of course, Mom, he drives a Prius.'”

Reports of teachers pushing their political agenda on students seem to surface on a daily basis, and those are just the ones we hear about. Imagine how often this happens in the classroom without parents ever knowing. Indeed, it is quite risky to send your children to public school if you’re a conservative since it seems the anti-bullying left has no problem bullying innocent children based on their parents’ politics.

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