Teacher Expels Muslim Boys Cheating On Exam — They Decide To Get Revenge

The intolerance and violence that has burst in the Middle East is increasingly proving their contributions to Western society one victim at a time. Although Islam is harshest to the unbelievers, it never ceases to revert to its dog-eat-dog strategy, ensuring its backwards methods live on through generations of young people.

Egypt has long suffered at the hand of Islam, remaining a nation torn apart by Sharia advocates and freedom fighters. Crimes against humanity rage as Islamists struggle to regain power, subjugating the hapless minority to brutal Sharia justice.

Kvartha News reports that a female teacher in Egypt was brutally assaulted after she offended a class full of teenage boys. The teacher had caught students in her classroom cheating on their final exams, and as such, she expelled them from an esteemed preparatory school in Cairo.

However, the Muslim boys weren’t about to let a woman deliver punishment to them, regardless of their dishonorable behavior.

Twenty teen school boys waited for the teacher to step out of the school building and jumped the woman. They tore her clothing from her in an attempt to rape her into submission, local newspapers say.

Fortunately, other teachers and students witnessed the attempted gang raping, rushing over to save her from the swarm of young Islamists. The attackers fled after they realized they were caught in the act.

Emirates 24/7 adds that, along with the 20 boys, the education of ministry decided to suspend the school manager and his administration for refusing to report the assault or taking disciplinary measures against the attacking students.

Although this story hasn’t hit mainstream media just yet, don’t be fooled when they attempt to spin this as an aggravated assault or an unfortunate example of rape culture. This is not a culture, but an ideology of supremacy, wrath, and domination.

The first mistake this teacher made was simply being a woman. Under the purest of Islamic fundamentals, women are to remain at home, and completely covered if they must leave the confines of their husband’s property. If they do exit the household, they are to be escorted by a male relative to ensure that their sexual purity is kept intact, regardless of age or marital status.

Many Islamosympathizers and intelligent Islamists will argue that this is because they value their women, just not enough to allow her an inheritance of that of a man, a right to choose to wear the hijab, a right to leave Islam, or a right to not be beat for disobeying their husbands, per the Quran.

The second mistake this teacher made was offending Muslims. While she is most likely also a Muslim, the left has taught us that if you offend Islamists, whatever they do to you is well deserved.

The innocent are no longer the innocent, and the aggressors are the champions of tolerance in this backwards, liberal world. Free speech is limited to what Islam deems acceptable, and we are willing to cater to the minority that threatens to punish us otherwise.

In every country Islam infiltrates, the medieval Muhammadan tactics follow suit. There is no progression in human rights, freedom, democracy, technology, or industry. Instead, they all revert to seventh-century practices that succeed in obliterating the culture, religion, and government of each region they touch by refusing to assimilate.

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