Teacher Tells What Muslim Students Did During Attack, Hears Knock At The Door

Teacher Tells What Muslim Students Did During Attack, Hears Knock At The Door
When Dutch teacher Ivar Mol heard about the Brussels terrorist attack, he couldn’t decide if he was more shocked at the onslaught or his Muslim students’ behavior.

When a classroom heard news of the horrific Brussels terrorist attack, the teacher immediately noticed something his Muslim students were doing that made his stomach churn. However, just four hours after he tweeted out what the teens were doing, he received a knock on his door.

Ivar Mol is a Dutch teacher who prides himself on instilling knowledge into his students, regardless of their background. However, soon after the recent attack on a Belgium airport and Metro, he noticed there is something particularly unique about his Muslim students.

While civilians were being slaughtered in Brussels, the Dutch teacher witnessed his Muslim students openly applauding and celebrating the carnage. In front of the entire class, the Islamic children laughed and praised the terrorist attack, as the rest of the non-Muslim students simply looked on in horror.

Mol quickly tweeted what was going on, asking, “How do you still teach when Muslim children in your class are applauding the attack?” He included the hashtags #aanslagen and #zaventem, two references to the Brussels attack.

Hours later, Mol tweeted that 3 police officers were waiting for him on his sidewalk and that he wasn’t sure if he should continue his activity on social media. He then revealed that he had received a call from Paul Depla, Mayor of Breda, oddly telling him that the police were not sent by his command. Mol added that the “story remains strange.”

Mol later slammed the police visit as a “terribly stupid action,” and he could not be more accurate. We have a terrorist attack just across the border from Netherlands, and a group of students practicing the same ideology as the terrorists lauding the onslaught, yet police are more concerned that a white European teacher is being “Islamophobic.”

Instead of knocking on the door of the educator who expressed his disgust with his students’ solidarity of terrorism, they should be breaking down the doors of these children’s homes. These students are being taught that the murder of innocent non-Muslims is praise-worthy, and the fact that they are bold enough to celebrate this in public is not only disturbing, it’s telling of our own tolerance of evil.

This sentiment isn’t reserved to uninhibited, hormonal youths. The left’s so-called moderate Muslims joined in the jubilance, celebrating the deadly attack on social media. The Jerusalem Post reports that Twitter exploded with hashtags showing support of the ISIS attack, but not from actual Islamic State fighters.

Shortly after the first explosion in Zaventem airport that killed 14 people, Islamic State supporters created the Twitter hashtag, “Brussels is on fire,” to express their happiness about the attack and deliver threatening messages to “Western Crusaders.”

The most common remark under the hashtag was: “You declared war against us and bombed us, and we attack you inside your homeland.” After each additional attack, Islamic State supporters celebrated by writing “Allahu Akbar.”

This behavior isn’t anything new to the Muslim world. The celebration of indiscriminate slaughter and the blame of their ideological violence on Western governances continues to gain momentum. However, jihad has been a work in progress for over 1,400 years.

Before there was even an America to blame, Muhammad waged war on unbelievers, calling in the Quran for followers to “smite at their necks” and “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them,” simply because they refuse to acknowledge Allah as their god. Centuries later, 270 million non-Muslims were led to their deaths under the falsehood that Muslims are just as tolerant as any other religion.

We have been unknowingly fighting in a war against an ideology since Muhammad beheaded his first captive Jew in Medina, and we will continue to battle without the hope of being victorious if we do not understand that it is not a terrorist group we are fighting, but an ideology that commands its followers to slay us without provocation.

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