Teacher Walks In On Sick Sex Incident At School, Now 4 Girls Are In Jail

At a middle school in Greenville, South Carolina, administrators happened on a disturbing scene that they weren’t expecting when a demented group of girls’ perversions from the weekend carried over onto campus. As soon as they saw what was in their hands and what they were doing with it, they immediately called the police. Now, the girls have been charged with a sex crime.

Riverside Middle School (left), Kristina Millner (right) who is an upset parent of a student at the school who was not related to the crime.

It began at a private residence over the weekend in the town of Simpsonville, but it spread onto campus at Riverside Middle School, when a terrified teen told school authorities what she saw four girls doing when administrators weren’t looking. Not even in high school yet, the kids have already been criminally labeled as sex offenders after being charged this week with Child Pornography for victimizing another girl their age.

According to WSPA, the girls were drinking at a house party over the weekend where there wasn’t a single adult in sight, or at least one who cared, when a 14-year-old female from another school had become passed out drunk. A boy at the gathering took advantage of the girl being intoxicated and sexually assaulted her, as the four other teens live streamed the sick things he was doing to her over FaceTime to one of their friends.

Thinking that rape is funny, the friend on the receiving end of the video call recorded the footage so it could be passed around to other students, further victimizing the girl being raped. By Monday, when everyone returned to school, the sex assault had been passed around to countless students’ phones via message, and Riverside administrators found out about it. However, the crime is being blamed on phones being allowed in classrooms, and not the bigger issue, that a girl was raped by a 14-year-old while others watched in enjoyment.

“If kids didn’t have their cell phones at school, maybe they would still have the pictures, you know they may still get in trouble, but at least they’re not going to be bringing that crap into our school and influencing other kids,” Millner told ABC13. Her daughter was almost shown the footage, but she refused to be a part of it. 

Greer Police arrested the teen rapist, who is currently in jail, and the four who recorded and passed the evidence around have been charged with distributing child porn. In the wake the sick sexual incident, Riverside is reevaluating cellphone accessibility on campus, as if that’s the big issue here. The cell phone didn’t cause this horribly disturbing event, the depraved teens holding them did, as well as the child doing the raping. Phones in this case actually helped catch the perpetrators. Banning them wouldn’t have prevented the footage from circulating or stopped the boy from raping this teen girl.

In the aftermath of the arrests, the district decided to provide counseling to any Riverside student who feels they need it, treating them as the victims and seemingly doing nothing for the girl who was raped. Instead of coddling the feelings of those who heard about it, this twisted incident should be a wake-up call to teach teens to respect and stand up for one another.

We live in a liberal society where punishment is wrong, participation trophies are awarded, students need safe spaces, men are allowed to use women’s restrooms, and parents are absent in their kids’ lives. Charges and jail time for these degenerates are exactly what they need since their parents failed to discipline them, and now the system has to do their job for them.