Teacher Jailed For Daily Sex With Student Makes SICK Career Change

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Teacher Jailed For Daily Romps With Student Makes Astonishing Career Change
Former teacher Mary Beth Haglin

A 25-year-old teacher who pled guilty to daily sex with a teen student is cashing in, big-time, on her notoriety with a sick career change, and we can only imagine the outcry if a male teacher, convicted of sexual misconduct with a minor, made a career move like this. The profits that the pervert is now making should be enough to leave any parent furious after what this woman did to a child.

Mary Beth Haglin was a substitute English teacher at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She claims that she fell in love with a student who would leave Post-it notes in her classroom. The notes said things like, “I love you so much, my empress.”

Haglin admitted to having sex with the boy, daily, in public places during the 2015-2016 school year. Many of their romps occurred in her car or even at the house of the boy’s parents. She claims that she was the victim, due to his seduction, and that she loves the boy.

“I was completely head over heels,” the former teacher said. She went on to describe the relationship in an interview with Inside Edition:

Once knowledge of the illegal relationship went public, Haglin rightfully lost her job with the school system and began working as a stripper in a gentlemen’s club, but her new career path didn’t end there. In February, a judge sentenced her to one year in prison, with 270 of those days being suspended. One can only wonder, would a male teacher have received such a lenient sentence? Unfortunately, it gets worse.

Haglin has up to six months before she is required to report to jail, so she is using her time to start yet another career. Now, she is being recognized for her first appearance in an online porn film, and the former teacher is unapologetic about her actions.

“We can totally talk about the controversy that I have around me,” she said. “Well let’s just say that pictures and videos like these is what got me into trouble in the first place.”

Apparently, Haglin is off and running as an “actress,” but many are upset over the events that launched her new career. A male teacher would not fare so well, and certainly would not be able to spin his crimes into a money-making venture. It is likely that a male would do much more jail time, likely be considered a predator, and virtually banished from civilized society as a registered sex offender.

But, should we be surprised? The porn industry isn’t exactly known for its ethics and integrity. In general, the legal system works and does protect children, but in cases like this one, the entire outcome appears to be perverted by those in society who would reward this woman’s behavior by watching her continue her sexual depravity online.