Teacher Sleeps With Teen, Cops Discover Twisted Details On Cell Phone

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Teacher Sleeps With Teen, Cops Discover Twisted Details On His Phone
Pictured: Theresa Hrindo, 25

Theresa Hrindo is in hot water for repeated sexual contact with a teen. The young teacher has a degree in graphic design, but rather than teaching, she had officers scrambling after they discovered disturbing evidence on the student’s phone.

NJ.com is reporting that Hrindo, formerly a teacher at Roselle Catholic High School, stands accused of a sexual relationship with a student but was released from jail on Friday on two conditions. Judge Brenda Coppola Cuba released Hrindo providing that she has no contact whatsoever with the student and cannot teach or supervise children.

“This whole process for my client, her family and everyone involved is, quite frankly, traumatic,” Michael G. Brucki, Hrindo’s lawyer, told the judge at Hrindo’s first appearance in state Superior Court in Union County.

Given that she will reappear in court in May on two counts of sexual assault, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and one count of hindering apprehension, it is easy to understand why the experience is “traumatic.”

According to CBSNews, Hrindo allegedly engaged in sex acts with the student from December of 2016 to February of 2017. She did not help her case by deleting “incriminating images and files” from the student’s phone, hence she was slapped with the additional charge of hindering apprehension. It doesn’t take much to imagine what exactly those images and files entailed.

Authorities were tipped off to Hrindo’s actions by the Catholic Archdiocese of Newark. Archdiocese spokesperson Thomas Berrios said that the school sent a letter home to the parents of other students, explaining that Hrindo had been immediately suspended.

“We take most seriously our responsibility to provide a safe environment at Roselle Catholic for the young men and women you place in our care, and we believe that the actions we have taken are measured and appropriate at this time,” the letter said.

Parents are understandably shaken by the situation.

“It’s shocking, because then you don’t feel safe to send your kids to school,” one mother told CBS New York. “I thought by putting her at a Catholic high school it was a little bit more secure, a little bit more ethical, a little bit more serious. But then when I hear about this, I’m like, ‘This can happen anywhere.’”

Prosecutors say that the most serious charge against Hrindo carries a term of up to 10 years in prison.

If Theresa Hrindo were a man, would she have been released so easily? Her actions are disgusting and part of a disturbing trend that continues to play out in schools across America. Many believe that there are deep psychological problems that cause young, attractive teachers to make self-destructive, career-ending decisions like these. Hopefully, common sense justice will be served, and an example will be set.

While many may joke that a teen boy would enjoy the physical affections of an older, attractive woman, the uncomfortable truth is that these are still children being preyed on by an adult who should know better. If the sexes were reversed, such a crime wouldn’t be so easily brushed off.

The court of public opinion would be calling a male teacher, guilty of the same crime, a predator and demanding his head on a platter. Maybe it’s time to give women the “equality” that’s so often demanded, starting with sex crimes in our judicial system.