Ted Cruz Supporters Cause Shock Waves With New Comments On Sex Scandal

The Ted Cruz sex scandal doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Now, two of the biggest Cruz supporters, who have been his staunchest defenders, seem to be questioning the presidential candidate’s truthfulness, and the shock waves are being heard all over social media after their comments. As the supporters come clean, social media is buzzing again, and you’ll be floored with what they are saying.

Cruz’s “denial” is what’s sparked the newest debate, as many weren’t convinced and were left with more questions than answers by his peculiar response.


The big question seems to be, if Cruz is innocent, why is he hiding behind Carly Fiorina, who recently spoke for him, instead of adamantly denying the accusations. The first of the big supporters to be making this query is none other than Fox News, as reporter Rick Sanchez posted a piece on the Fox News Latino site that left many shocked:

Let me begin with this. If the National Enquirer wrote a story about me cheating on my wife with five women, I had better be extremely definitive in my response; because if I’m not, my wife –smelling the guilt – would kick my ass. OK, let me also tell you that I wouldn’t be angry; in fact, I’d be ecstatic. It’s fun to count money from guaranteed punitive and compensatory damages in a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

But that’s me. I can’t speak for Senator Ted Cruz except to say that so far his reaction seems —well, not exactly definitive. He calls it “garbage and false,” not exactly a denial. [via Fox News]

Sanchez brings up what those in the legal community who know about denials are thinking. Cruz’s statements are lawyer speak. Ted is on script, never deviating from his response. On several occasions, he referred to the National Enquirer article as “garbage, false, smears,” and he even said “it’s lies,” but legal experts are not sold. Cruz never says, “I never cheated on my wife, or I never had an affair.”

This is where Glenn Beck comes in. Beck has been the most dedicated Cruz supporter and even called Cruz the “anointed one,” angering many Christians who see that as a reference to God anointing a king. Yesterday, Beck had an on air rant during his radio show and did something rather shocking. He alludes to a scenario where, if Cruz is guilty of being a serial cheater, he would “drop him like a hot potato.”

What Beck will excuse is the big story. He says if Cruz had an affair about six years ago, and it was a one time thing, then, “Who am I to judge?”

“Character matters… It’s one thing if for instance, he came out and said, ‘Look, six years ago… Heidi and I were on the rocks, yes I cheated… and we dealt with that…’

“Okay, I’ll give you a break if it is over and you guys dealt with it, that’s your business. I’m not here to condemn somebody for making a mistake.” [via Tea Party.org]

As strategy goes, Cruz’s response is the political way to dodge accusations. His wife Heidi has cancelled her upcoming appearances. He has a surrogate female in Fiorina to run defense, glued to his side and blocking the media, and he continues to generalize his denials. Then, you have Fiorina point away from Cruz, making this about Trump.

This story is staying alive on social media. So far, as Sanchez says, big media outlets better get their act together and start reporting on it in some balanced way. “One other thing, our media better figure out how to play this story and soon, because so far it seems to be responding with coverage that is a combination of confusion, obfuscation, and downright stupidity,” Sanchez writes.

It’s not a stretch to say that, if these allegations are proven, it will end Cruz’s political career. He has portrayed himself as the Christian conservative family man, more so than any other candidate. That leaves no wiggle room. The only way to deal with this is to come out and say once and for all, “I never cheated on my wife.” If Cruz can’t do that, many will begin to re-think their support. People want to hear a clean denial and a strong statement of truth. That’s the least Americans are owed, and we hope that sound denial comes soon.

On the other hand, if the allegations are true, he might want to own it sooner rather than later. Christians can be forgiving of past transgressions, but if he’s currently lying and gets found out, that’s a whole different ball game. Either way, what he’s doing now isn’t working. Pointing the blaming finger at Trump isn’t the way to go, and the disappointment only grows with each weak response that doesn’t answer for his own actions.

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