Ted Cruz & His Wife Sit Down For Peaceful Dinner, Radical Activists Have Other Plans

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The attacks on conservatives continue. In Washington, D.C., activists representing yet another leftist group went after Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his family while they were simply trying to enjoy a peaceful meal. The entire encounter was caught on video.

A group hired by Democrats assaulted Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife at a restaurant. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)

Don’t ever believe these “grassroots” progressive groups are created by concerned citizens. Since Donald Trump was elected president, numerous “anti-this” or “anti-that” groups have sprung up across social media. (It’s funny how they are defined by what they are against rather than what they believe in, but I digress).

Antifa has been the most visible group, showing up at peaceful conservative rallies and other events. Their presence quickly causes the event to devolve into chaos and violence. But there are numerous other groups who pull the same stunts. They seem to pop up, almost overnight, with an army of angry, violent, erratic citizens.

The media covers it as simply groups of concerned Americans fed up with the Trump administration, even though many of them were formed before he even took office.

The fact remains that none of these groups are authentic. They are created by the Democrats, bankrolled by liberals like George Soros, and are staffed by paid activists. These aren’t regular Americans, motivated to take action out of a sense of injustice. Of course not. Regular Americans are too busy working to put food on the table. Regular Americans take action at the polls. They don’t coordinate stunts like this in an effort to manipulate future voters.

No, that’s the work of fascist: groups who use violence and intimidation to control politics.

“Smash Racism DC” is the latest phony progressive group to launch a stunt. Several of their thugs hunted down Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his wife at a restaurant. Much like we’ve seen before, these “activists” shouted at the man and his family, forcing him to leave.

What was Cruz’s great sin that motivated these political thugs to assault him? His longtime friendship with respected judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Far-left activists harassed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife Heidi out of a restaurant in Washington, D.C. on Monday night, according to a video posted by an Antifa Twitter account.

The activists repeatedly screamed “We believe survivors!” in the restaurant, disrupting the business and its customers, and forcing the Cruz family to leave.

At one point, one of the protesters told Cruz that his Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke, was “way hotter” than him.

Cruz would only respond by saying, “God bless you,” although he did become fiery when they attempted to block his wife. [Source: The Daily Wire]

Let’s be honest: would a group devoted to “smashing racism” really be concerned over the unsubstantiated allegations against Brett Kavanaugh? The claims are that Kavanaugh tried to assault a young woman — which has nothing to do with racism.

This group is chanting the same, planned lines that the rest of the left are using. “We Believe Survivors” is the obviously scripted term that Democrats crafted to push their attacks on the Supreme Court Justice. Apparently, they don’t believe in due process or being innocent until proven guilty.

No honest American, who has been following this story, would believe Kavanaugh’s accusers. Not a single person with common sense would buy a story so flimsy. Even Democrats have to admit that. But here we see “regular people,” so enraged by the situation, that they have to hunt down Cruz — not Kavanaugh — and assault him at dinner.

This is a clear attempt by organized Democrats to undermine the Trump administration and his SCOTUS nominee. We are seeing the same pathetic tactics the left has used since Trump was elected.

They failed to steal the White House in 2016. Since then, they have resorted to these bully, intimidation, mob-like tactics to punish Americans who rejected Hillary Clinton. They are using violence, lies, slander, and intense pressure, hoping conservatives — and the movement behind Donald Trump — would be too scared to stand up for themselves.

It’s Fascism 101.

But much like the time when Sarah Sanders was shouted out of a restaurant, this will blow up in the left’s face. Americans are done with being lectured to by immoral liberals. We are taking our country back from people who tried to sell us out to globalists and con men.

Today, liberals lie and try to bully us, just for standing up for our values and beliefs. They call us racist, sexist, Nazis, and fascists for simply believe in the traditions that made this country great.

They have no problem attacking a good man like Ted Cruz, who deserved a night out like anyone else.

On the group’s Facebook page they wrote:

This is a message to Ted Cruz, Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and the rest of the racist, sexist, transphobic, and homophobic right-wing scum: You are not safe. We will find you. We will expose you. We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others. [Source: Smash Racism D.C., Facebook]

This is the Democratic Party in 2018. They have made it clear that they refuse to let conservative Americans live in peace. They want us gone. They want us dead. They will pull every dirty trick in the book to stop us from making American great again. The real question is: are we going to let them get away with it?