Teen Died Weighing 37 Pounds, Parents Get Life For 2nd SICK Discovery

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Alexandru Radita (left), Emil Radita (center), Rodica Radita (right)

The parents of a 15-year-old boy have just been sentenced to life in prison for the death of their son who weighed only 37 pounds — the average weight of a 4-year-old child. Sadly, the discoveries made by police tell of a deeply disturbing secret that the parents were keeping, and it’s truly sickening. Life in prison seems like such a light sentence for this kind of cruelty.

Rodica Radita, 53, and Emil Radita, 59, showed little to no emotion in a Calgary, Canada courtroom where they were both sentenced to life in prison on Friday. Justice Karen Horner set a minimum of 25 years before either of them is eligible for parole in a case where they were both found guilty of the 1st-degree murder of their 15-year-old diabetic son, Alexandru Radita. The sickening details of their cruelty were revealed by investigators after Alexandru died in 2013.

Alexandru Radita, 15

According to NY Daily News, investigators found that Alexandru’s parents denied him insulin to treat his diabetes and methodically starved him to the point of organ failure, resulting in his death. The judge had some condemning words for the couple as she explained that the boy died as a result of bacterial sepsis brought on by extreme starvation, adding that it was clear that the Raditas knew what they were doing in refusing their son the proper doses of insulin.

“Mr. and Mrs. Radita intended to and did isolate Alex from anyone who could intervene or monitor his insulin treatment aside for themselves,” Horner said, “His physical condition at death was not a sudden or quick occurrence but rather took place over months and possibly, probably years.” The judge added, “They knew he was dying.”

The grave of Alexandru Radita (Source: CTV Calgary)

What is even more disturbing is that when Alexandru’s parents found him not breathing, they waited two hours before calling 911. Calgary Sun reported that testimony from Shauna Mitchell, who works as an investigator with the Medical Examiner’s Office, said, “They said they went to church at, I think it was after 1800 hours, and they came home at about 2000 hours and that’s when the father said that he wasn’t breathing, so they prayed and they didn’t call EMS until sometime around 2200 hours.”

These disgusting people waited two hours before calling 911 to make sure their son would not get life-saving help. Many are asking why authorities did not intervene earlier on the boy’s behalf. The sad truth is that social services had taken Alexandru away from his deranged parents for a year and then allowed him to go home.

There is a special place in hell for people who commit such unspeakable acts of cruelty against children. After years of agony and suffering, this innocent boy is finally in a better place, far beyond the reach of his demented parents.

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