Teen Emerges From Dip In The Water, Has No Idea Why Legs Are Oozing With Blood

Sam Kanizay, 16, emerged from a dip in the water to find that his legs were covered in blood.

An Australian teen was sore after a football game, so he decided to soak his feet in the ocean. However, when he emerged, his legs were oozing with blood. Perhaps even more disturbing, he had no idea whatsoever what had caused his gruesome injury, and now, doctors are stumped as well.

Sixteen-year-old Sam Kanizay was soaking his feet in the water at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton, Melbourne, on Saturday evening when his legs began to tingle. He figured it was due to the cold water or the fact that his legs were sore from a football game he had played earlier in the day, and he didn’t think much of it. But, when he came out of the water about 30 minutes later, he was horrified to find that his legs were covered in tiny sores which were oozing with blood.

The 16-year-old, who was sore from playing football, was soaking waist-deep in the bay about 6.20pm on Saturday.

His legs felt a little numb, with a tingling sensation, but he assumed it was from the soreness and cold. “I wasn’t really thinking about being eaten.”

Emerging from the water 30 minutes later, he saw under a street light that his legs were covered in blood from the calves down. [Source: The Sydney Morning Herald]

“My first instinct was that I must have stepped on a rock,” said Sam. “But I realized that couldn’t have been it because it was evenly distributed over my whole ankle and foot.”

After attempts to stop the bleeding were unsuccessful, Sam spent his weekend at two different hospitals, where doctors also tried and failed to stop his sores from oozing blood. One nurse advised that the tiny bites could be from something called “sea lice,” but this was no more than a guess. The Australian teen’s inexplicably bloody legs remain a scary medical mystery.

“Sea lice which cause tiny, pin-prick like bites are a miniscule jellyfish or stinger larvae. They have the same stinging cells as an adult jellyfish, though they can only attack a small area because of their size,” according to Oceanfit.

According to Sam’s dad Jarod, his son’s curious injury “fascinated” emergency room staff at Sandringham Hospital. “They were all on Google afterwards, hypothesizing as to what happened,” he said. “They pretty much had 10 different hypotheses but nothing yet.” Mr. Kanizay added that his son is going to be okay, saying, “Sam is a stoic kid, so he will be fine.”

As for Sam, he says this queer and unfortunate ordeal won’t keep him away from the beach in the future. “Plenty of people go for a swim in there so it’s probably just a one-off thing,” he said. You’ve got to hand it to the kid for having the right attitude!

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