Teen Girl Tried To Hide Big Secret From Muslim Parents, But They Found Out

Being a college student and living with your parents can always be a challenging arrangement for both parties involved with an adult child, wanting their independence and still being governed by the rules of their parents’ home. Recently, in such a situation, one 19-year-old girl from Chicago held quite a large secret from her Muslim parents, knowing that they wouldn’t approve. Instead of being an adult about it, she did something completely unimaginable.

Nineteen-year-old Mubashra Uddin was terrified when she realized she had unexpectedly gotten pregnant. Knowing that her parents, who were Pakistani and Muslim, wouldn’t approve of her unborn child, she decided the only way she would be able to proceed would be by keeping her pregnancy hidden from her parents. In fact, she didn’t tell anyone about her growing bump, except her boyfriend and a friend.

Teen Girl Fears Muslim Parents Will Find Out Secret, Does The Unimaginable
Mubashra Uddin

Miraculously, Uddin managed to keep her unborn child a secret until after the baby was born. She gave birth in the middle of the night “to a full-term 7 pound 11 ounce girl in a bedroom she shared with her younger sister,” according to Daily Mail.

Although she managed to birth the child without her parents hearing a peep, once the child had been delivered, she panicked after hearing her mother approach the room and threw her newborn from a window in her apartment on the eighth floor.

Teen Girl Fears Muslim Parents Will Find Out Secret, Does The Unimaginable
The apartment building

Shortly after Uddin threw the poor child out the window, a man found the infant on the ground, quickly wrapped the bloody and naked girl up, and immediately had security call emergency personnel. The baby girl was transported to Weiss Memorial Hospital, where it was confirmed she had “suffered extensive injuries, including fractures to her skull, spine and ribs, a broken shoulder, and a lacerated liver and bowel,” according to Daily Mail.

Teen Girl Fears Muslim Parents Will Find Out Secret, Does The Unimaginable
The newborn’s memorial

Sadly, the infant had suffered too many injuries and passed away at 12:25 a.m. Her death has been ruled homicide by blunt-force trauma. After investigating, it didn’t take long for police to locate Uddin and discover the blood in her bedroom, bathroom, on her sheets, and all over a pair of scissors. Uddin eventually confessed to her crime and was charged with first-degree murder. She has since been hospitalized.

Teen Girl Fears Muslim Parents Will Find Out Secret, Does The Unimaginable

I feel that it’s important to note that under Illinois Safe Haven Law, within 30 days of a child’s birth, a parent can drop the child off at a hospital, police station, or fire station without being criticized or having to answer for their decision. It’s heartbreaking to know that an innocent child has been murdered at the expense of her mother’s irresponsibility.

All this young girl had to do was transport her healthy baby girl to one of these locations, and her parents may have never discovered her secret. She could have taken a chance that her parents would have accepted this child, instead she made a selfish choice and gave this child no chance at life.

(h/t: Daily Mail, Image Source: Chicago Tribune)

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