Terrified Teen Swims Across Lake, Police Horrified As They Look Behind Her

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At least one onlooker was shocked to see a 15-year-old girl emerge from a nearby lake on his property soaking wet. However, things would soon take a turn as the man learned why she had gone for an impromptu swim in the rather cold body of water – and even police were horrified to learn what was behind the terrified teen.

Terrified Girl Seen Swimming Across Minnesota Lake, Police Horrified By What’s Behind Her
Jasmine Block (left), a stock image for visual representation (right) (Photo Credit: Released family photo via CBS Minnesota, Pixabay)

It all started when a man, who wishes to keep his identity private, realized that he had forgotten something for work and decided to head back home to grab it. However, something caught his eye as he pulled into the driveway and noticed something bobbing up and down in the tall grass.

At first, he thought it was just a deer, but something didn’t seem quite right. In fact, the feeling was so unsettling that the guy started his truck and started to drive it through the field next to his house in order to investigate.

As he got closer, he couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw a familiar teenage girl running his way. Come to find out, her name was Jasmine Block, and she had just swum across the 150-acre lake on his Alexandria, Minnesota, property and sprinted the last few feet to his truck.

This happened to be the same girl who had gone missing in the area, prompting serious recovery efforts that had all come up empty. However, because of the awareness that had been raised for this missing girl through television and other local news sources, the property owner recognized her immediately. Unfortunately, the situation would go from bad to worse as even police were left horrified by what she left behind her as she made her trek across the lake.

According to Fox 59, Jasmine had been missing for a whopping 28 days after she left to see an acquaintance who needed her help. Sadly, when she got there, she was jumped by Thomas Barker who tied her down with zip ties. Before long, Barker had convinced his roommate, Joshua Holby, and friend, Steven Powers, to join him in his sick and evil plot, which they gladly did.

Terrified Girl Seen Swimming Across Minnesota Lake, Police Horrified By What’s Behind Her
Thomas Barker (left), Joshua Holby (center), Steven Powers (right) (Photo Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office)

As CBS Minnesota reports, the group both physically and sexually assaulted Jasmine several times over the next month, making sure to never leave her alone. Although they started their abuse of the teen at Barker’s home, the kidnappers later relocated their victim to a corn field before finally settling in a foreclosed home next to the lake.

However, things would all change when the men left the teen alone to grab some lunch one time, prompting her to find a way to escape. Fortunately, she was able to do just that, but when she opened the front door, you can imagine her horror to see that she was alone and there was no one in sight.

Knowing she had to get away, Jasmine decided to hop in the lake and start swimming after seeing a house across the way, leaving her attackers behind. Although it’s unknown how long it took her to get there, she eventually emerged on the other side.

“When she come walking out of the grass, I’m thinking oh my gosh, you got to be kidding me,” the property owner, who first spotted Jasmine after her heroic escape, said. “When I saw her face I knew right away.”

Police and first responders quickly arrived on the scene and began to treat the teen for a variety of injuries that she had sustained over the past month. As the girl was being transferred into a police cruiser, she looked up and spotted the vehicle that her captors had been using as it was driving away.

“I was getting her out of the pickup to put her in the deputy’s car and she says, ‘There’s the car, there’s the car,’” the man who found Jasmine said. A police deputy was able to stop the vehicle and arrest all three men responsible.

For now, a family is whole again as they have their daughter back, but things are only just getting started for Baker, Holby, and Powers. In all, the three are being held on probable cause for false imprisonment, kidnapping, and assault.

This world can be a disgusting place at times, and cases like this make the death penalty seem like such a viable option. The second you show complete and utter disregard for a human life is the moment you render your own irrelevant. These punks deserve the chair.