Liberals Cry For Teen Thug After Fed-Up Car Owner Catches Him & Delivers Brutal Revenge

Liberals on social media are crying for a thieving teen thug who recently stole a Connecticut man’s car and was found a short time later by the car owner parked on the side of the road. Now, the fed-up car theft victim is being hated on by the lefties online and may go to jail after delivering a dose of brutal revenge to the punk. It’s just not right.

Screenshot from live video footage of stolen vehicle (background), Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley (inset) (Photo Credits: WFSB)

According to local news source NBC Connecticut, the shocking incident took place at approximately 7:45 a.m. on Monday, November 13, 2017, in Hartford, Connecticut. Police received a call from the car theft victim reporting that someone had stolen his 2001 Ford Taurus while it was warming up in his driveway before he left for work. Immediately, the victim went looking for his car, hoping that whoever had stolen it was still close by.

After a brief search, the victim found his vehicle parked on nearby Maple Avenue, and to his surprise, the 17-year-old thug who had stolen it was still sitting behind the wheel. The thief’s decision to victimize an innocent person, who was trying to get ready for work in the morning, could not have been more wrong. According to the police, the victim approached the driver’s side door of his Ford Taurus, and the thug responded by pointing a gun at him. Sometimes, you can’t fix stupid, and this teen is perfect proof.

Police said that the victim, who was a legal concealed carry permit owner, pulled his own firearm and shot the smug little punk in the face. According to the police report, the bullet struck the suspect in the jaw. The teen immediately drove off in the stolen vehicle, but this time, he had a gunshot wound to worry about. A short time later, the police received a call about the stolen vehicle which they found abandoned at Webster and Crown streets.

Just minutes after finding the abandoned car, police received another call about a gunshot victim on South Street, according to local news source WFSB. When officers arrived, they found the teen thug bleeding from the face and immediately transported him to nearby Hartford Hospital. According to medical staff at the hospital, the suspect’s wound was not life-threatening.

Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley said the 17-year-old thug lives in New Britain, Connecticut, and has a lengthy history of stealing vehicles in the area. “He initially says he was shot in a drive-by shooting…shortly thereafter talking to him we were able to determine he was the operator of the stolen vehicle,” Foley said.

The suspect had an active arrest warrant for auto theft charges, according to police. This punk had made a career out of victimizing innocent people who never expected their means of transportation to be stolen. How many people lost their jobs or had a difficult time feeding their kids after this degenerate stole their cars? He deserved to be shot in the face, and it’s unfortunate that taxpayers will now have to pay for his room and board in jail.

Furthermore, the car theft victim had every right to protect himself when the thug pulled a gun on him. It’s too bad he didn’t put more than one round in the punk’s head to keep him from victimizing anyone else. However, not everyone agrees that this punk got what he deserved.

Several bleeding-heart liberals on social media immediately jumped to the teen thug’s defense, saying that he didn’t deserve to be shot. Some even said the car owner was wrong to go looking for his vehicle while others suggested that a 2001 Ford Taurus isn’t worth shooting someone over. Really? So, a BMW owner would have been justified in shooting a car thief in the face? Take a look at a couple of the “winners,” who went on Facebook to cry for the devil.

One user named Mary K. Stanton said, “A 2001 Ford is not worth a human life let the police do their jobs!!! Vigilante justice is no justice at all!!!” Seriously, Mary, what part of “the suspect pulled a gun on the car owner” didn’t you understand? Would you want to protect your own life in that situation? I think so. Furthermore, what vehicle is worth a human life in your eyes?

Another user named Lesley Steinberg McCrory apparently thinks that a teen thug is more credible than the car theft victim. She said, “The article doesn’t say whether or not the kid was found with a weapon. Just because the guy who shot him said he had a gun, doesn’t necessarily mean that he did. He could be using that as an excuse for shooting the kid.”

Yes, liberalism is a disease, and Lesley has a bad case of “I love thugs.” Why on earth would you want to believe a teen thug with a rap sheet a mile long over a guy who gets up and goes to work every morning who just had his car stolen? Shaking my head, Lesley.

Once again the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. A car theft victim in Hartford, Connecticut, is alive and well because he knew that his personal safety is primarily his own responsibility. His life was threatened when he found the armed thug who stole his car, and he shot him in self-defense. This car theft victim deserves a thank you card this Christmas from all of the other people in his town who had their cars taken by this thug.

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