Thousands Watch As Teens Rape Woman On Facebook Live, Then Cops Make 2nd Horrid Discovery

Authorities responded to a report of an assault at a home in Gulfport, Mississippi, where they made the horrifying discovery that three teens had assaulted a woman and broadcast the entire thing on Facebook Live as thousands watched. It wasn’t long before cops made a second horrid discovery, and now, three arrests have been made in connection with the shocking crime.

Ezzie Johnson (left) and Kadari Fabien Booker (center) participated in the rape of a woman which was broadcast on Facebook Live. (Right stock image for visual representation only)

The disturbing video begins inside a bathroom, with a man demanding oral sex from the girl. Others in the background also demand that the woman performs the sex act, with a female assailant saying that the victim could not leave until she did so.

“She ain’t going home,” said the woman, who added that the victim would be forced to perform the sexual acts “until her throat swells up.” Then, the group proceeded to physically beat her.

After that exchange, they ask if she is ready to fight, at which time she is assaulted by a larger female who pushes and hits her in the head as she sits on the couch.

The female drags her off the couch and begins to punch her in the head. Those at the gathering cheer them on, with one person saying, “Don’t break it up, don’t break it up.”

After that goes on for some time, she can be seen sitting in the corner crying with her hands over her face, begging to be left alone. [Source: The Clarion-Ledger]

Ezzie Johnson (left), Haleigh Alexis Hudson (center), Kadari Fabien Booker (right)

The video was viewed 84,000 times and shared by more than 1,500 people before it was removed from Facebook.

Perhaps the most horrid aspect of the entire ordeal, though, is that it is believed that the 23-year-old victim is mentally disabled. She also apparently knew her attackers prior to the rape, suggesting that they gained her trust over a period of time with the intention of eventually taking advantage of her.

Three teens have now been taken into custody in connection with the assault.

Haleigh Alexis Hudson, 19, turned herself into police around 7 p.m. Wednesday. She was arrested on charges of felony kidnapping and sexual assault.

Ezzie Johnson, 17, was arrested by police around 8 p.m. Wednesday. He faces a charge of felony kidnapping.

Kadari Fabien Booker was arrested by police about 10:44 p.m. Wednesday. He faces charges of felony kidnapping and sexual assault.

Harrison County Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner set Hudson’s bond at $400,000. Johnson’s bond was set by Ladner at $200,000. Booker’s bond was set at $500,000.

All three are being held at the Harrison County jail. [Source: Sun Herald]

“I wish people would look at just how warped our society has become,” Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania said in a heart-wrenching statement at a Wednesday press conference. “We videotape pain and suffering, then we share it and we view it over and over. And I don’t doubt this story will be dead in two days and everybody [will] move on to something else and you still have a victim of a crime.”

It seems that as time goes on, our society slips further and further into the depths of depravity which were previously unthinkable. Decades ago, no one would have dreamt of raping a mentally handicapped girl and broadcasting it for the world to see. Technology truly is a double-edged sword, used by some for positive purposes, but by others to commit unspeakable crimes against humanity.

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