Tennessee Thugs Open Fire On Homeowner During Robbery, Get Horrific Surprise

A homeowner in Tennessee recently came face to face with two armed thugs who tried to ambush him during a home invasion robbery. These punks were not prepared for the horrific surprise the fed-up victim gave them in return for their violent behavior.

Screenshot from video footage at the scene of the crime (background), Azell Witherspoon (inset, left), Demond Robinson (inset, right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/DB, Facebook/Lon Heffna/Demond Robinson)

This shocking story has emerged out of Memphis, Tennessee, where an unsuspecting homeowner returned to his residence on Friday, June 1, 2018, to find himself staring down the barrels of two pistols that he told police were pointed at him. In the following moments, the fed-up victim would unleash pure hell on the two violent thugs who had tried to rob him and take his life.

According to Fox News, the shocking home invasion robbery attempt took at approximately 7 p.m. as the victim was returning home from the barbershop with a friend. As the two men entered the residence, they were confronted by two armed thugs who were later identified as 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon and 17-year-old Demond Robinson.

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These two gun-toting criminals were about to get a rude awakening after trying to commit this heinous crime. The homeowner, who spoke with FOX13, asked not to be identified but said that had it not been for his quick thinking and preparedness, things could have gone very badly for him.

During his interview with FOX13 reporter Tony Atkins, the homeowner said that when he and his friend saw the two suspects pointing their guns at them, his friend turned and ran from the house. The homeowner said that the would-be robbers then shot, from the porch, in the direction of his friend as he ran from the house, leaving the homeowner alone inside.

In those moments, the homeowner decided enough was enough. The two pistol-wielding thugs were about to find out they were no match for a fed-up victim armed with an AK-47 rifle. The homeowner had retrieved his AK-47, and as the two thugs opened fire on him, he returned fire, killing them both.

In my opinion, the two thugs got exactly what they deserved for trying to kill two innocent people in a botched robbery attempt. Multiple bullet holes can be seen in the walls of the house during the footage from FOX13’s interview with the homeowner. “My life is the last thing that anyone would want to take,” he said. “I just let loose, not knowing it hit both of them,” the homeowner told Atkins. “I mean, we’re in Memphis, you’re going to need a gun,” he added.

Lon Heffna, a social media user and an apparent acquaintance of Azell Witherspoon, uploaded the following posts to Facebook following his death:

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Forever my savage🤴🏾I swear that shit hurt 😢 cuz🤕🤮🤧This for you on earth 🌏 I lived through you now i swear you go live through me🤞🏽#LongLiveAK

Posted by Lon Heffna on Saturday, June 2, 2018

Dam cuzz🤧 Ian even cry this hard when granddaddy died this😥😥😥Love u Mane my first cuzn before our brothers n sisters it…

Posted by Lon Heffna on Saturday, June 2, 2018

A brief look at the Facebook profile of Demond Robinson reveals his family is planning a candlelight vigil for Sunday, June 3, 2018. Perhaps those in attendance could say a prayer for the two victims that Robinson and Witherspoon tried to shoot as they deal with the aftermath of the horrific incident.

His CANDLELIGHT Will Be Today At 7:30 On 2738 Midland Ave 😩💔🤞🏼#Tootie

Posted by Demond Robinson on Sunday, June 3, 2018

It won’t be long before the mainstream media attempts to vilify this homeowner who obviously had every right to protect himself and his home. The simple reality here is that two violent criminals met a violent end and their deaths should be considered the result of their own decisions.

The homeowner was briefly detained for questioning and then released by local authorities. According to police, no charges will be filed right now against the homeowner for the shooting deaths of the two suspects. If and when this case is reviewed by the district attorney, it should a very easy call.

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The homeowner did not deserve to have his life threatened by two armed thugs, and he acted as most American patriots would have. Even though his actions resulted in the deaths of two violent criminals, he is not responsible for the fact that they invaded his home and tried to murder him and his friend. He deserves a tremendous amount of gratitude from the local community for having removed two violent criminals from society.

A man in Memphis, Tennessee is alive and well because of his decision to be responsible for his own safety in his home. So, once again, we see the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. This homeowner was prepared for unfavorable circumstances and acted quickly when it mattered most. Had it not been for the homeowner’s readiness and quick thinking, it could very well be his own family planning a funeral this week.

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