After Terror Attack, Obama To Ban Guns From 4.2 Million Vulnerable People

After Terror Attack, Obama To Ban Guns From 4.2 Million Vulnerable People
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While America was distracted with the attack on helpless victims who were not allowed to be armed at their military recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, President Obama made a move to take guns away from more lawful citizens.

The gun-grabbing left refuses to learn the obvious importance of self-defense, regardless of how many opportunities thugs and terrorists provide. In a sweeping move to rip weapons from 4.2 million law-abiding citizens, our country’s Commander-in-Chief flips off the Second Amendment once again. This time, he plans to disarm feeble people who could benefit from it the most — aging Americans.

The LA Times reported Saturday that Obama is “seeking tighter controls over firearm purchase by banning Social Security beneficiaries from owing guns,” if it’s determined by loose measures that they are mentally incapable of managing their own business. This would apply to all elderly people who has certain affairs taken care of for them, which could affect millions of some of the most vulnerable citizens in the U.S.

These victims of Obama’s anti-Second Amendment agenda aren’t drug addicts, convicted felons, or illegal aliens. They are people who worked and paid into the system for years, and now in the twilight of their lives they could be ripped of their right to protect themselves from intruders who target the elderly. There are many reasons why a friend, family member, or hired caretaker may be given fiduciary responsibility over an older person, but that wouldn’t be taken into account when it comes to taking away guns from people who need them.

After Terror Attack, Obama To Ban Guns From 4.2 Million Vulnerable People
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The convoluted legal language on the proposed restriction simply indicates that it would apply to a broad spectrum of Social Security claimants, including anyone with “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.” But by their own admission, they acknowledged that there is no easy way to identify who qualifies as part of that group, other than a “strategy” used by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and we’ve all come to learn how ineffective that organization is. In addition, if they don’t give their guns up, they can say goodbye to their benefits.

This approach by the Obama administration is the swiftest way for them to take away gun rights from the most people in one swoop, not to mention they’re financially holding them hostage for their firearms. If this move goes through, the most susceptible group of citizens to crime, who are also reliant on the government for they’re monthly checks, will lose their benefits if they don’t relinquish their right to bear arms. The fact that the chance of recourse is slim to none, makes it all the more enticing for the administration.

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