Terror Expert Warns ‘Enemies Within’ Are Already Taking Down America

Philip Haney, DHS whistleblower (left), the promotional image for the film “The Enemies Within”

According to a new documentary, a counter-terrorism expert said that factual research has made him a target of the government for one reason. He discovered something so sinister in the government, specifically among democrats, that he finally had to speak up with a bold warning. The United States is under attack by “enemies within.”

Philip Haney, a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security and a counter-terrorism analyst, is refusing to be silent now that he knows that the United States is under attack from enemies within. In the new blockbuster documentary, “The Enemies Within,” Haney exposes the enemies of America, and many are in the US government, holding positions of power over us.

Haney was once a commended and distinguished terror expert, but thanks to his uncovering of these enemies, he’s been a target of those very enemies. There is a master plan to create a permanent liberal majority by flooding America with millions of voters who are hostile to conservatism, according to Haney and the new documentary. Communism is on the horizon if this plan is successful.

In 2009, Haney was targeted by his own government for uncovering this information. He tells his story in the book “See Something, Say Nothing,” but this story is also the most powerful part of “The Enemies Within.” Haney details his research and investigations that lead him to a groundbreaking discovery that has put the US on a path to communism and Islamic terrorism. The documentary and Haney himself contend that forces dedicated to the destruction of this country have penetrated the national security bureaucracy, endangering all Americans and the entire system of a constitutional government.

Distinguished author and researcher Trevor Loudon describes the terrifying full extent of this hostile network operating within America’s own borders in “The Enemies Within.” The short film blows the lid off an alliance between radical Marxists and Islamic extremists who have penetrated the very highest levels of the federal government.

As Haney explains in the film, the problem has gotten so bad, many of America’s politicians and policy makers wouldn’t be able to pass the kind of basic security checks required of even entry-level employees. “If you have overt ties to associations with known associations with terrorism, you cannot pass a background check,” Haney says in the film. But, who are the enemies? We know one very well.

Haney described Hillary Clinton as a “domestic threat” and detailed the deep connections between the former Democratic Party presidential nominee and former Secretary of State with some of the most dangerous Islamic movements in the world. These even go beyond her close relationship with her longtime aide and confidante Huma Abedin. Hillary is labeled as an “enemy within,” but there are others and most are Democrats in power.

Hillary Clinton is one of the “enemies within,” according to Haney.

There is a nationwide effort on the part of the Democrat party to permanently take down the United States as a representative government. Obviously, we are already on a path to communism, and Democrats with ties to terror groups will make that goal easier. Destabilizing of the nation by leftist voters is currently underway, but Haney’s new revelations should put nails in the coffins of every Democrat hoping communism will come to the country. Yet, leftists really don’t seem to care. It’s amazing how deeply brainwashed some of these people can be.

When met with information that is uncomfortable, conservatives dust themselves off and look for the truth and a solution. To the contrary, when met with information that is uncomfortable, liberals get violent, attack others, and hide from the fact that their party is actively trying to take down the country they want to see go the route of fascism.

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