Top Terrorist Warns Of Apocalyptic Plan ISIS Has For US, Names Locations

In an exclusive radio interview, a top terrorist went on record, warning of secret cells operating within the US, saying Brussels and Paris are nothing compared to the carnage that will befall infiltrated sites all across America. What’s scarier is the apocalyptic plan that the Islamic State has hatched, and Americans need to stay informed, as the infiltrated sites and named locations are places Americans use and visit daily.

ISIS controlled areas in Middle East.

Granting a rare pre-recorded radio interview to Aaron Klein, which is to air this Sunday evening, well-known Islamic State leader Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari gave a chilling warning about the Islamic States infiltration of various American transportation sites. Although most people realize ISIS likes to attack public transportation, what is more troubling are the terrorists they have working on the inside. Ansari stated:

“The Islamic State is a state. The Islamic State has agents all around the very sensitive facilities in the world, like metro stations, like airports and other places whether in the West or in the Arab world. We have our mujahedeen implanted in those facilities as workers, as employees, even in the security field in the airports.” [via Breitbart News]

Is this possible? Could the Islamic State have infiltrated sensitive transportation positions? They certainly could and likely did, just as this terrorist claims. Look at the failure of the US to properly vet the Fort Hood shooter, who was a terrorist right inside our own military. Then, there is the woman in the San Bernadino shooting, able to come into the country with no problems, even though a simple social media search would show she was a terrorist. Ansari continues:

“And they were recruited to work with the Islamic State and we proved that we succeeded to reach a very deep infiltration in these facilities. We showed it in Sinai with the Russian jet. We show it now. And everybody should understand. This is a state. This state will not disappear. It will only become bigger because this is the message. This is the prophecy of Muhammad and this is the promise of Allah.” [via Breitbart News]


This, indeed, is the heart of the Islamic State, which the government, Barack Obama, John Kerry and liberals do not understand. The Islamic State operates with an apocalyptic plan. It’s what makes them so driven even unto death. From jihadist propaganda:

“Oh ye Romans, oh you Germans, you English, her French, her Dutch, you Italians, you Americans who gathered ye to fight Islam. Come! We are waiting for you. For more than 1400 years, we are waiting for you. And the promise of Allah is true!” [via News.comau]

Obama cares not about the Islamic State. He will not do anything to stop it. Kerry, today, says that they are on the run and that’s why they attack in Europe. This delusion that the Obama regime wants people to believe leaves these sleeper cells here in America free to roam and do damage, as he demands we openly accept more “refugees.”

With no plan to defeat ISIS, Americans need to stay on alert. Hopefully, our next president will make defeating ISIS one of their top priorities, and these murdering animals will be put down with the full force of the US military.

[h/t Atlas Shrugs]

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