Terrorist Plotted to Kill Many & Destroy Holy Places, Didn’t End Well For Him

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Already this Christmas season, terrorists have tried to spread fear and death. Popular shopping centers and tourist spots have been targeted by villains. One particular plot has been thwarted by authorities, and it didn’t end well for the terrorist. Had it gone through, ancient holy sites would have been the scene of horrific terror.

Jihadists continue to seek terror during the Christmas season. (Photo Credit: Giuseppe Milo/Flickr)

Radical, Islamic terror doesn’t take a break on holidays. When the Western world wants to relax and celebrate the birth of Christ, terrorists are ramping up into high gear. Even though the United States has beaten back ISIS in the Middle East, their rats are still at work around the world.

The sad reality is that we can never let our guard down. From strict vetting at the border to military action overseas, the West must continue to fight terrorism no matter what.

Christmas time is when we must be most vigilant. Billions of people around the world celebrate the holiday. Families will be gathering and traveling. Numerous people will go to shopping centers, malls, attractions, and holy sites. They will not be worrying about terrorism, after all, because they simply want to enjoy the season.

For radical, Islamic terrorists, that’s a prime opportunity to strike. You might remember the harrowing 2016 truck attack in Berlin. A terrorist drove a truck into a Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring 56 others.

This year already, a shooting took place in a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France. Three people were killed and twelve injured after a man opened fire on the Christmas shoppers. While officials refuse to admit it was an act of radical, Islamic terrorism, the accused killer’s father admitted he had embraced the teachings of the Islamic State.

Now, yet another attack was being prepared, this time in Italy. The good news is that authorities have apprehended the culprit — a Somali migrant who hoped to wreak havoc across holy sites. His plan? To bomb Christian churches this Christmas season, including Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

Italian counter-terrorism police have arrested a Somali migrant with ties to the Islamic State, who discussed bombing Christian churches throughout Italy this Christmas, specifically mentioning Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

In an operation involving multiple Italian and international law enforcement agencies, police arrested 20-year-old Mohsin Ibrahim Omar, also known as Anas Khalil, in the southern Italian port city of Bari last Thursday, Italian media reported on Monday.

According to reports, Omar was in direct contact with an operational jihadist cell and had active plans to target Christian churches during the upcoming Christmas holidays, starting with the “biggest one”, Saint Peter’s Basilica. [Source: Breitbart]

According to his communications, Omar hoped to hit the Vatican on Christmas Day or the next. He knew it would be full of people from all over the world, including the pope. It’s clear this would-be terrorist was hoping to spread mayhem and fear, during Christians’ most sacred season.

The silver lining of this incident is seeing how diligent counter-terror police were. They had Omar under constant surveillance. Authorities refused to let this one out of their sights. After years of terrible migration policies, many European nations have countless strangers in their midst.

More than a few have ties to radical Islam, even ISIS. But at least, in this case, the police were not going to look the other way.

For far too long, European leaders have ignored the growing threat right in their backyards. Millions of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern migrants have flooded the Continent. These aren’t cheery folks who want to work hard to earn a living. They are economic refugees looking for handouts. More than a few despise Europe, Western values, and Christianity.

Is it any surprise we are seeing these attacks escalate during Christmas, Christians’ most-beloved season?

The problem will only grow in the coming years, not shrink, unless authorities all over the world crack down on rampant migration.

This is a lesson for the United States. Daily we face the fear of terrorism. Radical, Islamic terrorists would flood our border if they could. Every day, especially Christmas, would be a day to fear.

The only thing stopping them are those patriots who protect our border and ports of entry. The very border Democrats refuse to enforce.

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