[VIDEO] Terrorists Hit Brussels With Coordinated Attacks, Americans Targeted

The Islamic State has struck again. Brussels, home of the European Union and NATO, has been hit in coordinated attacks at an airport and metro subway stations. The death toll is climbing upward, and it’s confirmed that Americans were a target based on the site of the explosions. People on the scene report hearing foreign words and gunshots right before the first bomb exploded, and the all of Europe is on lockdown as the reign of terror is not over.

Brussels attacked by terrorists, several bombs exploded.

The first explosions occurred at the Brussels Airport, and it seems American lives were the target, as the explosions happened at the American Airlines departure gate. Reports confirm this is the work of suicide bombers, and ISIS has taken responsibility for the bombings.

The explosions happened at just after 8:00am Belgian time, and coordinated explosions then occurred at the Belgian subway system. As of this writing, death toll is at least 34 total with over 160 injured.

Words in Arabic were heard, most probably the infamous “Allahu Akbar,” followed by gunshots and the two bomb explosions, according to reports from the scene at the Brussels Airport. The airport is completely shut down, as is most of Brussels. This comes 4 days after the arrest of the last known Paris terrorist, found in Brussels.

Brussels is home of NATO and the European Union, the heart of Europe. This attack was not spur of the moment, says Walid Phares on Fox News this morning. Phares states that possibly the arrest 4 days ago of the Paris attacker, Salah Abdul Salam, was the trigger that spurred these attacks. Salam was found with a cache of heavy weapons, and something was in the works, according to CNN.

After the arrest, reports say Salah Abdul Salam  was hiding in plain sight. The neighborhood where Salam was hiding, Molenbeek, is a known area for Muslims. Police speculate the residents of  the neighborhood were hiding him. His parents lived only four doors away.

The message is clear. This is the capital of Europe and NATO. Hitting Brussels was always in the playbook of the Islamic State. This is another reminder to Americans that this is what happens when you allow liberals to make your homeland security policies.

Many on social media are asking “where is Obama?” Well, Obama is sucking up to communistic Cuba at the moment, and he will be going to a baseball game. Pray for the victims and keep in mind this is exactly why we need a strong border policy come this November election.

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