Terrorists Run Muslim’s Campaign For US Senate As Trump-Backed Dynamo Stands In Her Way

Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward (left), Deedra Abboud (right)

Raised a Southern Baptist, Deedra Abboud has devoted most of her adult life to Islam. Abboud is the left’s new darling, loved by Democrats, and she is now officially running for US Senate in Arizona. But, never fear, there is Kelli Ward, who has brains and beauty and will be the GOP challenger against Abboud. However, there are dark terrorist forces controlling every aspect of Abboud, and this is something every American needs to know.

Deedra Abboud has officially kicked off her campaign for the US Senate. She is seeking the seat of Senator Jeff Flake, the Never-Trumper who is very unpopular for his Donald Trump bashing in Arizona. We expect the good people of Arizona to go with Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward, who is greatly supported by President Donald Trump and will make the best rival to fight an Islamist like Deedra Abboud.

Jeff Flake is such a loser, he is trying to win over Muslims with this pathetic tweet after Abboud alleged she was getting hate from Trump supporters on Twitter and Facebook. Kelli Ward refused to take the bait and be a pawn in Abboud’s game:

Abboud was born and bred in America and has that Southern drawl that sounds shocking coming out of a woman wearing a hijab. Don’t be fooled, this woman is in deep with every Muslim organization with known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and every other terrorist organization, who are running her campaign, as Bare Naked Islam reports:

“Deedra Abboud, a convert to Islam by marriage, who describes herself as a ‘proud’ Muslim, is a supremacist head bag-wearing lawyer and Muslim community activist in Phoenix. Abboud helped open the Arizona chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in 2003.”

Abboud was the director of Arizona’s “Muslim American Society,” which the Weekly Standard reported has pushed for “Sharia Law in the United States.” In an interview, Abboud said she had no problems with her husband having several wives and, in that same report, the New Phoenix Times says, “Deedra Abboud is the chosen one, picked by Muslim men to be the face of Islam in Arizona. A white, fair-skinned face with ocean-blue eyes and a disarming smile.”

Pictured below, Abboud announces her bid for US Senate, and reporters were perplexed that the Arizona flag was upside down, a sign of distress. Abboud’s campaign claimed that “it was an error.” However, many Arizonans were not convinced that the flag was an accidental mishap.

As Deedra Abboud announces her run for US Senate, the Arizona flag is upside down, a sign of distress.

Abboud also refused to take part in anti-terror rallies after 9/11 when she learned she would not be able to speak about CAIR. That’s no surprise, is it? Unfortunately, if you’re thinking this woman has no chance in hell of winning in Arizona, you’re wrong. Arizona has a changing demographic, and that is exactly why the Islamists have positioned Abboud as their shiny Muslim star to combat the mean “Trumpsters” in Arizona.

This brings us to Kelli Ward, who has the best chance of running Abboud and her Islamist handlers back to their drawing boards. Ward is the all-American girl-next-door who just happens to be a medical doctor and loathes Obamacare.

Here’s Ward’s take on the Muslim Brotherhood, and she was talking straight at Abboud: “We are going to fight the Muslim Brotherhood, we are going to expose them that they are a part of a wide-ranging terrorist organization. And I’m glad that Donald Trump is finally putting his foot down, and he’s fearless in saying that we are going to fight against Islamic terror.”

This is one senate race that is going to get a lot of national attention. There will be those Islamists who will wage a war, calling anyone who calls out their pawn, radical Muslim Abboud, a racist. Kelli Ward is the only choice to take on the Muslim war machine in Arizona. With support coming from the White House just announced for Ward this week, this is shaping up to be an epic battle between good vs. evil, truth tellers vs. liars, making America great again vs. making Islam dominate again. There’s too much at stake to sit idly by and not support Kelli Ward any way you can.

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