WATCH: Texas Girl Decapitates Venomous Snake, Horrified To See What It Does Seconds Later

A Texas mother was outside gardening with her daughters earlier this week, when the ladies were given a fright as they noticed a venomous snake in their flower bed. With no knife nearby, one of the girls grabbed a pair of gardening shears and decapitated the animal before it could bite her, but she was horrified to see what it did just seconds later.

A venomous snake was decapitated by a Texas woman and her daughters in a video which has since gone viral on social media.

Jill-Scott Mollett took to Facebook to share the encounter her family had with a deadly water moccasin, more commonly known as a cottonmouth. “So the girls found a cottonmouth water moccasin today, in our flower bed of all places,” the Sunnyvale native captioned her post. “We didn’t have a knife close to us, so Avery chopped it’s head off with some tree loppers.”

Mollett grabbed her camera to film what unfolded next, as the snake continued to writhe and bare its fangs for a good while after having already been decapitated. “The girls’ favorite part was when the head kept trying to bite stuff for a few minutes after it was chopped off its body,” Mollett added in her post, concluding with the hashtag “#CountryLivingAtItsFinest.”

Daily Mail explained that the snake was able to continue moving even after having its head removed due to nerve endings which took some time to die off:

The clip shows the deadly black moccasin, also known as a cottonmouth snake, looking as though it is still alive.

After a few moments the nerve endings die out and the snake stops moving. It’s then prodded by one the viewers checking for signs of life.

Streaks and dots of blood can be seen on the ground and a separate picture shows the serpent’s body, without its head.

Mollett’s video has been shared more than 12,000 times since she uploaded it on July 9, but not without controversy. Ever since the footage went viral, every bleeding-heart leftist under the sun seems to have crawled out from under their rock to attack her. She’s even received death threats.

“Sick c*nts. How can you be so evil to animals? Worthless scum. I hope someone does it to you,” a woman named Michelle Chalmers commented on Mollett’s Facebook page. “I really hope you get bitten by a snake because you will certainly deserve it,” seconded Paul Estes. “Guess what bitch, you’re still a horrible parent,” wrote Facebook user Sabrina Dagostino. “I feel so sorry for your kids. You’re a disgusting human being.”

However, at least one person had their head screwed on correctly, commenting, “I don’t think a lot of you are comprehending how dangerous those snakes are..? Just put yourselves in their position for a second. If your child came across a snake in your yard that could put them in a hospital are you really going to just leave the snake alone?”

Although it is rare to die from a water moccasin bite, it can leave a scar and, on rare occasions, lead to an amputation for the victim, so any parent worth their salt would neutralize the threat, just like Mollett did, so that the snake could not go on to put her children in the hospital.

Sabrina Dagostino would certainly have had cause to feel bad for Mollett’s kids if the mother had done nothing to protect them from the venomous snake in her yard, but in this case, Dagostino’s outrage and that of other internet trolls falls flat. If you place more importance on the life of a snake than the well-being of a child, you’re precisely what’s wrong with this world.

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