Texas Father Gets Brutal Beating By Gang Of Thugs After Making One ‘Wrong’ Request

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Keenan Jones is attacked by a pack of black thugs on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit train.

A Texas father was taking the train home on Sunday when he was brutally beaten by a gang of young, black thugs. Apparently, they dished out the horrific beating all because the man had made one request out of consideration for other passengers on the train. Now, Dallas police are on the hunt to bring these degenerates to justice.

The 44-year-old father, Kennan Jones, was attacked and beaten by a group of degenerates while riding from Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. Trying to play the role of a father in the wrong place at the wrong time, Jones simply asked the group to stop smoking their marijuana on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit train, which instantly angered them.

The gang consisted of two females and five males who beat Kennan over the head with a skateboard, spit on him, and kicked him, seemingly without remorse. A few of the gang members even pushed off the handles on the train to kick him from the air, having even more force.

A fellow passenger filmed the attack, and you can see another passenger try to intervene to help poor Kennan, but he is viciously slapped away.

These relentless thugs did not stop when the train stopped. When they reached their destination and the doors opened, they spilled out onto the platform and continued the beating. One of the women hit him with the skateboard again as he laid reeling on the ground, and she calmly walked away with it still in her hand. Jones was laying helpless on the ground while he received the vicious blows.

It was at that point that Jones began to black out and yelled, “OK, OK. Y’all win,” which did not stop the gang, they persisted. Jones spoke out to CBS DFW about his almost fatal attack. “Everything just went from 0 to 100,” said Jones, who is grateful to have survived. “I’m just very happy to be here… happy to hug my kids.”

Finally, when the attack was stopped Jones was transported to Baylor Hospital to receive the help he desperately needed. He has decided not to press charges, but he is most upset that the train driver did close to nothing to stop the attack. “To me, they saw enough to be, to stop that moment and say, ‘We’re not going nowhere until police coming,'” he said, according to The Daily Mail.

These gangs are so dangerous that even DART officials do not want to deal with them. The driver of the train saw the attack on his cameras, called police, and waited for them. According to CBS DFW, a dispatcher saw the fight on the platform’s camera and called police. Officers showed up within 10 minutes.

It is no surprise that this crime has not been widely circulated, as mainstream media likes to pretend that black on black crime does not exist. If this was a group of white thugs attacking this nice black man, you would have read this story on every major news outlet.