Texas Gov. Puts The SMACKDOWN On Sanctuary County With Liberal Sheriff

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Governor Greg Abbott (left), Judge Sarah Eckhardt (right)

At a time when President Donald Trump is breathing new life into law enforcement agencies nationwide, there are people like Sheriff Sally Hernandez of Travis County, who want to continue down the path of destructive sanctuary city policies. Today, Hernandez got an epic rude awakening from Texas Governor Greg Abbott that has her living in regret.

According to a report by KeraNews, Governor Abbott kept a promise this morning to cut $1.5 million in criminal justice grants to Travis County as a consequence of Hernandez’s decision to implement a new immigration policy aimed at countering any attempt by the federal government to enforce immigration laws. This disgusting behavior is blatant disregard by Hernandez for President Donald Trump’s efforts to make America safe again.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez

Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s recent act of liberal defiance is counter-productive to her sworn oath to protect and serve the people of her county. She’s made it clear that her department won’t be cooperating with ICE in detaining illegal alien criminals.

Having just been elected to her position in 2016, her constituents will have a long time to suffer and contemplate the repercussions of their bad decision. The original warning sent out by Abbott was also announced on his Twitter page.

It is apparent that Hernandez didn’t care about losing almost 2 million in funding for crime prevention. Logically, that follows suit with her decision to help criminal illegal aliens to evade deportation. If I were a resident of Travis County, I would be telling the liberal Sheriff to step down immediately.

KeraNews reports that Hernandez has instructed deputies and staff of the Travis County Sheriff’s Department to not honor the majority of warrantless requests from the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to further detain people of interest who have been booked into the local jail. The Sheriff made it clear that she will only detain those charged with murder, aggravated sexual assault or human smuggling, without a warrant.

However, the local sheriff isn’t the only issue in this county.

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt began her session on January 24 by pulling on a pink knitted cap synonymous with the Women’s March on Washington that had taken place days earlier in protest of Donald Trump’s presidency.

When local residents caught wind of her “pussy-hat” wearing display that occurred just over a week ago, they immediately contacted Texas authorities, who in turn have launched an investigation into whether or not the judge’s behavior is appropriate for the courtroom.

Hernandez’ stupidity is going to lead to the unnecessary suffering of many citizens she has sworn to protect. Governor Abbott knows it, and America knows it. This liberal sheriff needs to get on board or step down.

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