Texas Judge Gives Racist Muslim Slave Owners Taste Of Their Own Medicine

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Muslim Couple Kept Slaves, U.S. Judge Gives Them EXACTLY What They Deserve
Hassan al-Homoud and Zainab al-Hosani thought they could intimidate a Texas judge into submitting to Sharia law — they couldn’t have been more wrong.

A racist Muslim couple living in their luxurious San Antonio home brought over two Third World women to keep as slaves. They thought they could convince the judge that since their Islamic prophet kept slaves, it would be “Islamophobic” to deny them. However, instead of submitting to Sharia law, the Texas judge gave them a taste of their own medicine.

A U.S. judge was so appalled by the behavior of a wealthy Muslim couple who had enslaved two migrant women, he wasn’t about to let them get away with their inhumanity be any means. After hearing that a Qatar military officer and his illegal immigrant wife from the UAE had smuggled in two women to serve their every whim, District Judge Orlando Garcia threw more than the book at the abusive couple.

Express reports that 46-year-old Hassan al-Homoud, a recipient of military training at Camp Bullis, and his 39-year-old wife, Zainab al-Hosani, pleaded guilty to federal charges of holding persons against their will and forced labor. The judge heard that the pair enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, while their female slaves, one from Indonesia and the other from Bangladesh, were forced to live in squalor as prisoners in the home.

The couple pleaded guilty in December, and faced up to 20 years in a U.S. prison for their crimes, Reuters reports. However, Judge Garcia knew that even the prison sentence could have the offenders out on good behavior or even appeal in just a short time.

Understanding that this ideological mindset is almost always irrevocable, the judge ordered that the couple must pay each of the victims $60,000, and that they will be immediately deported and permanently banned from America. Instead, the couple is forced to give up their lavish lifestyles and go back to the Islamic wastelands from which they came.

Muslim Couple Kept Slaves, U.S. Judge Gives Them EXACTLY What They Deserve
The Muslim couple would have received a harsher sentence, but the slave women were too terrified to testify against them.

Still, it’s disappointing that penalty wasn’t more severe, since the court heard that the accused kept their slaves in unimaginable conditions, withholding their wages, passports, personal possessions, and only let them have enough food to barely survive.

The US. Attorney’s office said Hosani had “threatened the workers with arrest and incarceration in Qatar if they failed to perform their work obligations”.

In a statement read in court, Homoud said he took full responsibility for his actions.

He said: “My conduct has brought shame upon myself, my lovely wife, upon my family and upon my country.”

However, the court wasn’t buying it. Homoud’s wife was convicted of visa fraud and participating in and failing to report a felony. The couple would have received a harsher sentence if the enslaved women testified against their captors, but they were too afraid to give police any further information pertaining to the investigation.

As expected, liberals will make all kinds of excuses that slavery has nothing to do with Islam, if they even acknowledge that members of their favored religion committed such crimes. However, religious text and political history says otherwise.

To this day, Muslims own up to 14 million black slaves alone. In places like Iraq, Turkey, and Pakistan, Muslim supremacists keep non-Muslims for forced labor, often abusing, raping, or even killing them for minor offenses.

Still, even Africans who are liberated in Muslim countries often suffer cruel racial apartheid, since they are much darker than their Arab neighbors. Of course, this racism, religious and ethnic apartheid, and slavery stems solely from the one man Allah commanded all Muslims to emulate.

The Islamic false prophet Muhammad owned many black slaves, both male and female, aside from his personal sex slaves. In fact, he set the worth of blacks slaves at half the worth of Arab slaves, offering two of his own black laborers for one Arab slave who converted to Islam. The very pulpit from which Muhammad preached Islam was built by a slave, both literally and symbolically defining the conquering, enslaving nature of Islam.

Sharia law cannot coexist within the confines of our Constitution, as we can see from their theological justification of owning slaves. If we do not wipe out this fervency for such barbaric foreign legislation, it won’t be long before our own citizens are enslaved as well.

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