Texas Man Infuriates Illegal Parents, Changes His Name To 1 Word They Hate The Most

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A man from Odessa, Texas (left) has changed his name in support of President Donald Trump (right).

Ernesto Baeza Acosta, whose parents arrived in the United States illegally from Mexico 40 years ago, has officially received approval from a Texas judge to change his surname. Acosta’s parents are now furious after finding out what their son has gone and done, as his new name just happens to be the one word that they hate the most.

Formerly Ernesto Acosta, the Odessa, Texas, resident has changed his name to Ernesto Trump and paid the $272 filing fee to make it official. “I want to use my new name because it is more suitable for professional purposes,” the 34-year-old wrote in his petition.

A Texas man who brands himself ‘the undeportable one’ has changed his surname to Trump after the move was approved by a judge.

Heavily tattooed Ernesto Baeza Acosta filed a petition to change his name to Ernesto Trump, and called on the President to invite him to the White House. [Source: Daily Mail]

Although he is a big supporter of the president, Ernesto did not vote for Donald Trump in the November election, simply because he is not registered. His parents, though, strictly oppose Trump’s politics – especially his hardline stance on illegal immigration – and they are furious that their son has changed his name.

In a petition asking the court to allow him to change his name from Ernesto Baeza Acosta to Ernesto Trump, a Texas man wrote, “The reason I want to change my name is I want to use my new name because it is more suitable for professional purposes.” (Source: The Smoking Gun)

“Those are my legal documents, that’s my real name. You can call me the undeportable one, you can call me the President’s son, or you can call me Ernesto Trump,” Ernesto said in a YouTube video posted under the name ‘Big Ern.’

“Dad if you see this video I don’t want no money with you, I want to spend some father-son time with you. Maybe we could eat a hot dog, drink a pint of beer, or go to the movies,” he added, addressing the president directly. “Maybe I could go to see my step brothers and sister and step mom and eat dinner at the White House.”

After showing copies of his legal documents, Ernesto told viewers, “If you can tag the president, tell him his son, Ernesto Trump, wants some father-son time with him.”

Despite what you hear from the media, President Donald Trump has inspired a level of support from minority communities not seen by even the likes of our first African-American president, Barack Obama. Ernesto Trump’s story, odd as it may be, is solid proof that the president is loved by Americans from all walks of life.

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