Texas Pastor Attacked By Underwear-Clad Home Invader, God Had Other Plans

Coroner’s van (left), Naarai Olvera (right)

A breaking story out of Harris County, Texas, is shocking the nation as a pastor and his family awakened in the early morning hours to the sound of their front door being kicked in by a black man wearing nothing but his underwear. The barely dressed home invader punched the pastor and his wife before wrestling with their son, and he clearly had no intentions of stopping. However, God had other plans.

According to local news source KHOU, the home invasion attack happened just before 2 a.m. on Thursday, May 18, 2017, in North Harris County, Texas, at the home of pastor Lorenzo Martinez and his wife Gloria Martinez. Lorenzo was the first to confront the thug in the hallway after he kicked in their front door, shattering glass and awakening the 7 sleeping family members who lived there.

During an interview with local news source Fox26, Lorenzo’s daughter said that the thug, who has not yet been identified by police, violently punched her father and mother before her 36-year-old brother engaged him in a desperate attempt to protect his family. Horror gripped the family as they realized that his madman wasn’t going to stop the violent attack.

“My dad woke up and said, hey what are you doing here,” recalled daughter Naarai Olvera. “The guy just turned around, he was in his underwear, he just turned around and he started hitting my dad and he hit my mom and my brother woke up. My brother said, ‘I tried to stop him from hitting mom, but he just kept hitting her and hitting her.’ And he was saying, ‘I was trying to take him off, but I couldn’t.’”

The crazed home intruder continued to assault Lorenzo, Gloria, and their son before trying to go down the hallway where the rest of the family had been sleeping. According to the interview with Lorenzo’s daughter, that is when her brother-in-law picked up his gun, fired a warning shot, and then sent this maddened thug to meet his Maker. Police say the suspect was shot and died at the scene of the attack shortly thereafter.

“We don’t know where he came from. Don’t know his identity at this point,” Sgt. Felipe Rivera, with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, said. “According to the homeowner, he might have been high on some kind of narcotic.” Rivera also said that the intruder, describe the suspect as a black man in his 20’s or 30’s, was wearing nothing but his underwear when he was shot and killed. “He was still in the house fighting, basically. He wasn’t running from anybody. He was attacking,” said Rivera of the dead suspect.

According to Lorenzo’s daughter, the suspect picked up the televisions inside the home and threw them at the family before trying to make his way toward the bedroom where three young children, ages 10, 8, and 5, were sleeping. “I was so against having guns at home, but now I’m so thankful that he had one. Because I don’t know what would have happened if they didn’t have it,” said Olvera. “We’re a Christian family. We don’t believe in killing anybody. But we had to do what we had to do to protect our family and protect our little kids.”

I could not make a better argument than Olvera did for more Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. This family suffered a violent attack from a madman who seemed to be under the influence of some kind of narcotic, but thank God the armed relative was in the home. Had it not been for Olvera’s brother-in-law picking up his firearm, one of their own family members may be dead this morning.

Many times, people pray for protection and safety and don’t realize that the answer to their prayers has already been bestowed upon them by the God-given rights granted in our constitution. God Bless the Martinez family as they seek comfort and reprieve from this horrific night.

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