WATCH: Texas Police Chief Has 6 Brutal Words For ‘Cop Haters’ After His Officer Is Killed

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Officer Miguel Moreno (left), Police Chief William McManus (center), Officer Julio Cavazos (right)

On Thursday, June 29, 2017, San Antonio police officer Miguel Moreno was shot in the head as he and his partner investigated a vehicle break-in. Sadly, Officer Moreno died the following day after doctors fought to save his life at a nearby hospital. Now, the San Antonio Police Chief has 6 brutal words for “cop-haters” in America, and rightfully so.

According to Fox News, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus lashed out at a community meeting hosted by a local McDonald’s on Saturday, July 1, 2017, during which he delivered a direct and brutal message for all the “cop-haters” in America.

McManus expressed how difficult it was to speak in front of a crowd as Officer Julio Cavazos remained hospitalized from being shot in the chin and plans were made to lay Officer Miguel Moreno to rest. The suspect, 34-year-old Andrew Bice was shot by Officer Cavazos before fatally shooting himself in the head.

Watch McManus unload on cop-haters in the clip below.

Mcmanus didn’t waste any time bringing the full weight of his department’s tragic loss into perspective for his audience, letting them all know, “I’m sick of the police haters.

“It was somewhat difficult to come this morning to be around a crowd and have to talk to people and that sort of thing, in the wake of what happened the other day to officers Moreno and Cavazos. I’ll tell you and I don’t know why. I’ve been through dozens of police officers dying in the line of duty throughout my career and they all affect you but for some reason and I don’t know what it is but this one for some reason has really impacted me and the department,” he said.

“I think there are so many emotions that are going through police officer’s heads right now, including mine. And I will tell you that I am angry about this. I’m angry for a lot of different reasons. I’m angry at the police haters. I’m sick of the police haters. We protect them. We defend them and they give us the big F U. And I’m sick of it. As are all of the other police not only in San Antonio but across the country,” McManus continued.

“I have a lot of opinions, I think some of them are actually fact about how this situation has been created but I will not go there. But I will say this. I watched the video yesterday morning from the officer’s bodycams. That was probably the toughest video that I have watched in my career. And if you watch that video, and you don’t have tears in your eyes then you’re a rock. You’re an inanimate rock with no feelings.”

McManus clearly didn’t want to appear to politicize the death of Officer Moreno when he spoke about how the “cop-hating” environment in America was created, but we all know the truth. Former President Barack Hussein Obama urged groups such as Black Lives Matter to continue their “fight” against authority during his time in office. Obama encouraged hatred for law enforcement and even used the Department of Justice to prosecute police departments and officers with the help of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Outrage is a good word to describe how American patriots feel about Obama’s violent cop-hating legacy. Now, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, we take on the challenge of bringing an end to the former administration’s devious plan for social upheaval. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families of Officers Moreno and Cavazos. Their sacrifice in the line of duty should embolden law-abiding Americans to stand against lawlessness and exercise the crucial resolve necessary to bring our country back from the diminished liberal state into which we have fallen.

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