After Texas Sanctuary City Harbors Illegal Alien, US Family Pays SICK Price

After Texas Sanctuary City Harbors Illegal Alien, U.S Family Pays SICK Cost
Illegal alien Juan Lopez (left) recently forced a family to pay a sick price as he stayed here in a sanctuary city.

Our country is a mess right now, and liberal ideology is putting American lives at risk. That was most recently proven to be the case once again after an illegal alien moved to a Texas sanctuary city. Now, an innocent US family just paid a horrific price, and it was paid at the cost of a young child’s innocence.

The law is pretty black and white – you’re either breaking it or you’re not. With that being said, every single person who crosses our border into America knows full well that they’re breaking the law and becoming criminals the moment they step foot on our soil.

Despite that, so-called “progressives” all around the country want to simply ignore this fact in order to appease a “politically correct” agenda. As a result, several cities with left-leaning politicians have created “safe zones” for these criminals – or sanctuary cities, as they are called.

With over 300 cities across the country operating as sanctuary cities, those who make their way across our border have some options as long as they do their homework. Among those towns is Austin, Texas, which is exactly where Juan Lopez, 46, made his way after being deported back to Mexico the last time.

According to reports, an innocent US family has paid a sick price for the negligent behavior of those who thought opening Austin as a sanctuary city was a good idea. Although the mother of the family involved in the incident states that she knew Lopez for a year before hand, she explains that what happened just days ago was something she never saw coming.

After Texas Sanctuary City Harbors Illegal Alien, U.S Family Pays SICK Cost
Juan Lopez (left), Austin’s Democrat Mayor Steve Adler (right)

After asking to borrow the illegal alien’s car as he was set to leave town for a bit, Lopez agreed under the condition that she drop him off somewhere beforehand. Unfortunately, they’d never quite get there as the man pulled out a knife, pressed it against her belly, and told her to get off the interstate before pulling into a quiet cul-de-sac. From there, things only got worse:

Once they parked, according to the affidavit, Lopez told the mother if she didn’t have sex with him he would kill her. The mother responded, “No, my son is in the car,” to which Lopez responded, “I don’t give a damn,” states the affidavit.

Police say, Lopez proceeded to sexually assault the victim. The mother told police he later texted her an apology for “violating” her. [Source: KXAN]

Sadly, Lopez is the exact kind of man President Donald Trump was talking about when he got heat from the left for saying that “Mexico isn’t sending their best over.” Then again, you’ll never hear of this kind of illegal immigrant from a liberal because he proves everything they have to say about the situation wrong.

The fact of the matter here is that we are a land of laws. Those coming over illegally automatically make themselves criminals when they cross the border without permission – and they need to be treated as such. It’s time to build that wall, Mr. Trump, before any more innocent Americans have their lives ruined over the dangerous notion of “political correctness.”